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Ask Not…

I have a couple of important issues that I want addressed by our new President. God, after eight long years, it feels so good to call someone President again. President Obama.

However, I am going to skip over my desires and speak to something I think our new President needs. Something our country needs. Something our world needs.

We need you. I am taken back to JFK and his question to America. I think it applies now more than ever.

We need you. We got President Obama elected, but that was the easy part.

We need you. To change our country. To take our country back. To take our respect back. To take our Consitution back.

We need you. To make our elected servants do what they need to do for our country.

We need you. To make our media speak to the truth.

We need you. To not let the haters win.

We need you.

We are you.


  1. You can have the most competent leader possible and go down in flames.  Your boss could be Zues, your coach could be Yaweh and your teacher could be Albert freaking Einstein, and if your coworkers/team/class stays home everyone loses.

    We are elected.

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