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A Letter to our Future (Updated with Video)

What are we going to do after the election? I premise this on an Obama win. I know it has been a long two+ years and no matter who you supported in the beginning, I am almost certain that we will be welcoming President Barack Obama on January 20, 2009. I could write another diary asking what we do if John McCain wins, but I will save that for a dark and anxious night later this week.

Right now I am excited as I can be about the potential opportunity I see before us. I cannot help but feel we have a chance for a new era in our country that could rival that of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I also know this will not happen unless we make it so. I believe that President Obama will be the perfect vehicle toward restoring our country, but we can do nothing as long as the moneyed interests still own the government. By this I mean Democratic and Republican aspects of the government.

We all know how it is. Nothing should surprise us anymore. However, for the first time in my lifetime, I feel that we have a chance to reclaim our Constitution and our government for her citizens.  

We are now on the cusp of total Democratic rule for the first time in thirty (forty?) years. We must first clean house and make certain that any criminal behavior from our elected officials is not acceptable. If this means we lose a couple of Democrats, than so be it. We must also reclaim our elections. We only have two years to do this or we may be lost. This means we must have a uniform and completely transparent voting system. I would put Jimmy Carter in charge of this.

You will notice that I have said nothing about the economic crisis that is pressing so strongly on all of us. I actually do not have much to add to this debate, other than my favorite suggestion from Oscar Rogers, just fix it!

I am fairly certain that Obama will have some extremely huge brains dealing with the economy. That being said, I will be following it closely.

Having the attention span of a gnat lately, I hope this makes sense. I hope this inspires others to begin thinking beyond next week. I hope that we will reclaim the United States of America for all of her citizens. I hope that Hillary Clinton becomes Senate Majority leader. I hope that our move is problem free. I hope…

Oh f*@k it, let’s just make it happen.

Are you with me?  


  1. This is what a friend and I were talking about this morning.  I have been saying all along “this is not simply about electing some guy”.  Yes, the guy is very good.  Yes, it is very important who the president is.  But leaders only lead, and without a team on the field they are coaches standing on the sidelines alone.

    After next Tuesday, when our brains all start to heal, our efforts should be focused on the issues that we all face.  We won’t be bored, that’s for sure.

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