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Survivor Sweetheart Serves Sexist Stew

Elisabeth Hasselback, ‘Considered the last true “Survivor sweetheart” by many fans’ according to Reality TV World, introduced Sarah Palin in Tampa today.  Amidst accusations of sexism aimed at Barack Obama, the Democratic Party, and all it’s supporters, she embodied sexism in every fiber of her being.

For nine pout-filled minutes, the evangelical conservative co-host of ABC’s The View alternately gushed over The Presence and scolded “Them” for daring to question the beloved Wasilla Messiah.  

“I have a hard time not being sassy”, she flounced while defending the RNC’s $150,000 in expenditures turning the Alaskan Mayor into a slinking sex-symbol for libidinous Republican men.  Questioning this Jezebelization “is deliberately sexist,” she says to applause and wolf whistles.  “As you can see, Sarah Palin is a woman who knows how to dress”.  The crowd goes wild, the wolf whistles run rampant and millions of GOP men imagine Palin seductively dressing – and undressing – for them.

No amount of protestation about Palin’s defense of “our unborn daughters” changes the fact that both of these women embrace the very power-through-sexuality that is the Uncle Tom Jig of feminism.  The “flaunt it if you got it” wink to the good old boys who don’t mind having a “sassy” little honey around the Club – on off Wednesdays – to make them look egalitarian while picking up their moribund heart rates and testosterone counts.  The kow-tow to the status quo that gathers in the spoils of sexual appeal while jamming a Gucci stiletto heel on the instep of women not willing to gussy-up to get what they want.

These two and those like them providing role models to my daughters chills me to the bone.  I hope my daughters grow into beautiful women and I hope they enjoy it.  I hope my son grows into a beautiful man and I hope he enjoys it.  But should any of them grow to believe that their path to success is tied to their use of physical sexual attractiveness I will not only have failed as a parent, but I will share that blame with anyone like these two idiots for promoting the idea,


  1. spacemanspiff

    Blasky came correct.

    The crowd goes wild, the wolf whistles run rampant and millions of GOP men imagine Palin seductively dressing – and undressing – for them.

    I mean. C’mon. How predictable was that reaction?

    That’s what she was looking for.

    This is just not acceptable behavior at a high level political event.

    It’s embarassing.

    I don’t know if this is the real Elizabeth Hasselback though.

    She’s become a charicature. The way she controlled that crowd.

    She is a superstar to these people ( fringe right). I had no idea she had reached these heights (don’t watch The View). Really quite surprised by it. This is an entertainer and I can’t take her that seriously. Just like I can’t take Bill-O seriously. Just like I don’t take Keith-O seriously. It’s just toooo over the top.

    The videos I’ve seen her in on those The View royal rumble smackdown videos which come up on Huffy every week.  

    You know those videos which I’m talking about?


    Elizabeth is having The Pedigree (Triple H finishing move) performed on her on every single one. She’s eating leather on every single one.

    I’m rambling. Let me put this down. ; )

    p.s. I’d be more worried if Elizabeth was McCain’s VP. Even she sounded more Presidential than Palin.

  2. psychodrew

    ..and I disagree with Hasselback on nearly everything she says, but I respect her for standing up for her beliefs.  It’s often 3 or 4 against 1 on that TV show and she stands her ground against people with far more media experience.

    Most of her speech was crap.  Palin is getting a hard time because she is a weak candidate.  But I think that this clothing flap is unfair.  She was plucked out of nowhere by the McCain campaign.  The snobs at the RNC took one look at her and said, “New clothes, new hair, new makeup.”

    I don’t necessarily think the criticism is sexist as I do remember John Edwards taking a lot of shit because of the $400 haircuts, but I think the whole thing is stupid.

  3. NavyBlueWife

    represent a perverted version of feminism that elevates sex appeal to gain power over knowledge, intelligence, and hard work.  And when I think about it more, it is not real power because those who would elevate you (the men) are still in control of you at all points along the way.  If a person, regardless of gender, gets put into a position of power and great responsibility but does not have the requisite intelligence, talent, and abilities, that person will fail miserably.  The job of VP is not a fucking beauty contest.  Sarah Palin’s resume screams UNQUALIFIED, but her “morals”, “world view”, and sex appeal are the only things that keep her going.  Utterly ridiculous, a true disgrace to America on a world stage, and as you said Chris, a terrible role model for sons and daughters alike.  I can only hope that her inner ugliness will overshadow any physical attractiveness that people feel towards her so that the end message is that what’s inside is what is most important.

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