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Human Events: “Republican Disaster at Hand”

That grand source for Liberal commentation – Human Events – predicts an imminent collapse of the Republican Party.

Oh my.


The angst cup runneth over.

Timothy P. Carney  has a number of comments on what is going on, each followed by a point-form description of the carnage ahead.

  1. An Electoral College landslide is in the offing, paired with Democratic tsunamis in congressional races.

  2. Riding the wave triggered by the economic collapse, Sen. Barack Obama’s adept campaign, and Sen. John McCain’s hapless candidacy, Democrats will come close to 60 seats in the Senate, and perhaps cross that threshold. In the House, Republicans are retrenching, trying to prevent Democratic gains of 20 or more.

  3. Republicans desperately need some sort of catalyst to turn things around. The GOP, however, has ceded economic and fiscal issues to the Democrats by embracing the bailout.

He goes on at great length to spell out the doom ahead.


Overview: The good news for McCain is this: The election is still 20 days away. The bad news is that none of the tacks he’s likely to take will carry him to victory.

The good news?  The electoral college.  Other than a few swing states where Obama leads:

Obama has significant poll leads in Colorado, New Mexico, Minnesota, and Virginia, and has pulled away in New Hampshire, Iowa, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

there is still hope in others:

In previously strong McCain states such as Florida, Ohio, Missouri, Nevada, and North Carolina, the race is now very tight.

Talking to a reluctant Republican here in NC tonight I can confirm one of them: she’s voting for Obama and thinks he’ll win the state.

Senate 2008

Top Tier: The economic meltdown and John McCain’s struggles have dragged down poll numbers in all four of the top-tier Senate races. Democrats currently lead in each of these contests.


Second and Third Tier: Not only are the top-tier races looking worse for Republicans, a few second- or third-tier challengers have moved to within striking distance.

Oh, dear.  Not the Senate!  Well, thank god that the GOP can count on their stalwart fellows in the House to carry the torch!

House 2008

Overview: The McCain/economy contagion is spreading to House GOP candidates – both incumbents and challengers.

Oh well, at least the comments on the article are full of vigorous rightwing support:

DOVER, New Hampshire (CNN) ” The campaign of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said the Alaska governor was unaware of a visit by Russian energy officials to Anchorage on Monday.


There may not be a Christmas this year for Human Events.  Have to send the Novak crowd a condolence card and some nice flowers.  Maybe some for Mr. Armstrong as well.



  1. NavyBlueWife

    but what i really want most of all, is for this fucking moralizing in elections to stop!  i don’t want to talk about the morality of abortion, or homosexuals, or women, or poor people, or military people…i don’t want to live in a theocracy, i don’t want state-funded religion in any shape or form, i don’t want ten thousand commandments from the morality police, i don’t want supreme court justices in their shiny glass houses to tell me how to live my life or to tell you how to live yours…so if the republicans need to be swept away in all sorts of disaster-type analogies in this election cycle JUST SO we can purge this moralizing from our elections then i say BRING IT ON!!!  

    i welcome a non-moralizing rebirth in conservatives to help this liberal gal from falling off the left side of this currently flat world, but you ain’t gonna do it preaching to me from on top of your hypocrisy high!

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