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Dick Morris has McCain Down 108 Electoral Votes

NEWSMAX – the home of Far Right Support – continues to release dim news for John McCain.

McCain’s Numbers

133 votes for McCain

+ 50 leaning McCain


183 McCain

Obama’s Numbers

183 votes for Obama

+ 108 leaning Obama


291 Obama


Dick Morris’ Analysis of the Map

The Sarah Palin effect has run its course and the election, driven by the economy and the recent financial crisis, has moved back to its pre-convention pattern with a slight Obama lead, averaging 2 points in the popular vote.

Because small changes in the popular vote cause huge swings in the electoral vote, a number of key states have moved into Obama’s column. Florida may now be said to be leaning for Obama while Ohio, Virginia, Missouri, Arkansas, Colorado, and Nevada have become toss ups.

It is clear that McCain must swing the economy around to become an issue that works in his favor if he is to have a shot at winning. A 2 point Obama edge may not seem like much, but it is enough to produce a big electoral win and it is very hard for McCain to overtake such a lead.  


  1. nrafter530

    Love seeing Florida in Blue, but I feel like Virginia is more blue than Florida.

    And Tennessee leans McCain while Indiana is strong McCain?

    I don’t think so.  

  2. rfahey22

    He seems to think that Obama’s doing better in FL than in VA, that NH is leaning towards Obama, and that CO is a complete tossup.  Anyway, I’ll take it.

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