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Rush Rips McCain

Well, John McCain can’t really make friends anywhere these days.

Today, NEWSMAX (yes, you heard me right) reported that Rush Limbaugh ripped Senator McCain a new one.

Rush Limbaugh wishes John McCain’s economic proposals would stop bashing Wall Street, thinks the Arizona senator is running against the wrong people, and deplores his demand that SEC Chairman Chris Cox be fired — and he wants everybody to know it.


In a move certain to further erode the temporary gains into that hard-to-reach Core Republican Conservative Base that Gov. Palin woke up from their pre-election depressed slumber, radio talkshow Lead Dittoer Rush Limbaugh launched into Senator McCain today.  The “Rushter” accused Senator McCain of throwing SEC Chairman Cox “under the bus” and “bashing Wall Street”, evidently under the impression that the performance of Wall Street is just fine and everything is the Democrats’ fault, anyway.

Speaking to Greta Van Susteren on her Fox News show “On The Record” Friday, Limbaugh ripped into McCain, saying he understands what he called “the populist tendency to bash Wall Street because people are upset and to join the chorus that Wall Street is corrupt and full of a bunch of people, but that’s not the case.

Of course it isn’t the case, it’s not so much Wall Street as the morons under the command of President Bush (folks like McCain adviser Phil Graham) who have flushed the banking system down the toilet.

“I also wish he hadn’t thrown Chris Cox under the bus, the Securities and Exchange Commission guy, [saying] he would have fired him. Cox had nothing to do with this. This is a tendency of Sen. McCain’s to look at himself as Teddy Roosevelt and take on anybody he thinks is a robber baron. I wish that he would take some of that back and just focus on who he’s really running against — the people trying to destroy him.”

That’s right, Rush, McCain is trying to look like the original Bull Moose Progressive, and we all know how well that’s working.  Better he focus on the people trying to destroy him, and you have my thanks for joining us in that endeavor.



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