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  1. I just want the answer to that question on video tape.

    It’s a good one to ask a potential President, the suggested successor to President Cheney:

    “When, in your opinion, did dinosaurs roam the earth?”

  2. I’m looking forward to conversation on this site, POSITIVE, progressive conversation.  I’m a new political junkie, as well as a new activist (first time donor, and worker for any Democratic campaign, ever.)  Too many people at Kos, and I don’t care for the overall tone at MyDD, so I thought I’d come over here for some support and conversation, if I may.  🙂   Happy Weekend!

  3. ragekage

    Asking who is the most ethical of the four candidates. It rates them More Ethical than average, Less Ethical than average, and About the same.

    Palin has the highest Less Ethical score, but she also has a high More Ethical score. McCain wins in the More Ethical category, by far, and has the smallest Less Ethical score. Obama has a higher More Ethical score than Palin, and Biden is notable because he has the highest (almost 50%) “About As Ethical” score by far.

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