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You Want a Fight?

So, the Democrats, the media and the Obama campaign have been the subject of untold blogosphere angst in the past few days.  There is no hope, there is no fight, The End Is Near and we should all consider sepuku now while we can maintain our honor.

Perhaps the folks running the current Democratic presidential campaign, perhaps the media, and perhaps even the bulk of the Democratic political machine has an idea of how to fight back.  Maybe, maybe even Senator Obama can throw a punch.

Senator Barbara Boxer didn’t pull any punches on Hardball, which is on right now.  Chris Matthews tore apart one Republican windbag and then tore apart Republican Congresswoman Fallon.  He did it by asking a simple question:

“Is John McCain accusing Barack Obama of calling his running mate a pig?”.  And he played the ad on the front page of over and over at them and he didn’t take spin as an answer.  

He held up the book that McCain’s former campaign spokesperson wrote: “Lipstick on a Pig” and read passages from it.  

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He read quotes from numerous Republicans including using the same phrase, he played video of John McCain using the phrase when talking about Hillary Clinton’s healthcare plans.

Maybe the world hasn’t ended?  Maybe for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction?  Maybe, just maybe, the Republicans aren’t the only ones who know how to fight?  Maybe fighting sometimes looks like this?

Could be.




  1. The republican lie machine is incredible. I even read a UK newspaper this evening that said there was a scandal because Obama had called Sarah Palin a pig.

    How can clear deception like this not trangress some electoral, or even advertising, law? I mean McCain’s ad clearly states that Obama was referring to Sarah Palin in the ‘lipstick’ remark, when it’s clear he’s talking about the economy.

    At least the Willie Horton ad was based on a fact, albeit a selective race baiting one. This ad is based on lies. How can McCain maintain one shred of credibility now.

    Frankly, I’m with Andrew Sullivan now. Every choice McCain has made since the Spring has been bad. He’s a fucking liability, and would make a more scary president than Bush

  2. So MSNBC is calling McCain out on this. Unfortunately, the people we need to reach are either watching CNN, Fixed News, or none at all. MSNBC’s viewers are mostly Democrats or progressive independents. Most of them probably hope Obama will call Palin a pig.

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