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  1. ragekage

    I got to see Charley, the aftermath of Katrina, and Rita up close and personal. That is some scary stuff, seeing those things in the sky, the clouds all weird and cyclonic.

  2. Had to evacuate Hilton Head in a hurry in 2000 I think. It was weird – both lanes of the interstate heading in the same direction, cars filled with furniture and pets. I saw some of the best of human nature in the generosity people showed, giving each other food, lending cell phones. Also some of the worst – fights at gas stations over who could fill their cars first.

    It’s been a bumpy few weeks Chris, in the atmosphere and the blogosphere. Looking forward to those CLEAR BLUE autumnal skies.

  3. alyssa chaos

    but i’ve seen the early stages of a tornado. not pretty. I was in elementary school and we had to take shelter in the school, so all of us kids were crying and freaking out. but it faded and no one was hurt.

    cant even begin to imagine a hurricane.

    see you guys later-

  4. fogiv

    My fiance started maternity leave on Monday, so she’s been home all week.  I work from home almost exclusively, so my routine is a little off.  Okay, more than a little.

    The baby will be coming any day now, so I’m filled with all that nervous energy.  Trying to work, listening to the TV is driving me nuts.  The MSM is doing roadblock, wall to wall coverage of the McCain/Palin stump speeches.  It’s like fucking Groundhog Day.  The same lies over and over and over.  Combine that frustration with my jittery “baby’s almost here” nerves, and I’m a full-blown nutcase.

    Out in California, the hurricane is in my house.

  5. The whole operation is simply a means of getting money from conservatives. They charge $20 to send a fax to Congress. Their cost must be very small, since the whole system is automated.

    That’s beside the point, though. They completely twist things around in their latest message about drilling. The Republicans are threatening to stop the funding bill and Grasstops accuses the Dems of extortion. They must really have a low opinion of their readers intelligence.

  6. psychodrew

    A little cloudy earlier.  And it rained for about 15 minutes this afternoon.  I’m loving this Florida weather!

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