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Dear, dear God,

Dear, dear God,

I know that I was just the itsy bitsyist upset with you in the letter I wrote you the other day, but Praise Be, You do know best! I now realize that this little hurricane might just be the best darn thing that ever happened to the God Fearing Republican Party this year.

While I am so disappointed not to see President Bush and Vice President Cheny at our convention in person this week, (I do understand that these good men are not well thought of in our nation right now). I just know they will both be seen as heroes in the future, as we know that even Jesus was scorned in his time. So I understand that we really dodged the bird doo doo here, because he needs to help out THOSE pitiful people in the Gulf, from the safety of Texas of course.  

Oopsie, not that one…

Oh heck, never mind. You get the point.

Now I understand why you sent this hurricane. You have given us the opportunity to show America that the Republicans can care about New Oleans as well. Thank You Dear God.

Now doesn’t he look great? And Mr McCain is looking good too;

I just love Mrs Palin

Well that was a bit odd. She looked so much better the other day…oh wait there is the end, oh goodness what just happened?

Now I am a bit concerned about Mrs Palin’s daughter.  That happened to my friend Joan’s daughter. Someone should maybe warn the Palin’s, if their lovely daughter marries that young man before the baby is born, the little mother won’t have any insurance coverage for the birth. Poor Joan and Herbert learned the hard way, when they had to pay for the medical bills. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

They are doing the right thing of course, a baby needs a father and even though Joan’s son-in-law just got arrested for supposidly hurting their daughter, I am certain that they will all work it out. It’s just that if these young ladies commit the deed, they will have to pay the price, and now Miss Palin will have to be all grown up!

Thank you God for everything you do for the United States of American and the GOP,

Love Dorothy O.

Snark again.