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This is Awesome!

Wow. The site is amazing. I am so impressed with everything that has been accomplished over the past couple weeks. Today is the first time I have seen Motley Moose, as I have been a bit out of the world lately, dealing with a number of difficult personal issues. I am also a total troglodyte when it comes to computers, so am grateful I  found a link provided. Now I can post here, as the amazing moderators have greased the wheels to let me slip in with this motley group.

I have kind of left myself out of the loop lately, but am VERY interested in being a part of this venture. I do not have much to offer beyond my opinions, insight, and writing ability. But these, I will give to this project, freely and with tremendous energy. I am also certain that I will learn how to use the scary machine better.

One other thing that I think I can bring to MM is an ability to work with people I disagree with and possess the skill of being able to see many sides of an issue. I worked as a social worker for eight years, and had to work with the most difficult clients imaginable. I was very good at this. As long as we listen to each other and treat each other with respect, I know we will get along. But more than that, I believe that we can elevate the discussion and contribute something unique to the blogosphere. I will not always agree with everyone here, but I will work very hard to be a grown up at all times.  

Again, thank you all for your efforts to make this site look so great and so soon a reality.

I am sure I will get to know everyone here better, and will hopefully start to understand some of the technical aspects that confuse me so terribly. I know that I need to put serious effort into understanding this world which I recently entered. I am a fairly private person and it seems very strange to be making friends with people I have never personally met. I am not sure how this will work out, but am interested in the experience. I really am not fond of computers and I have never been attracted to on-line interaction, as I have watched a couple of groups deteriorate over disagreements and perceived grievances. I became a bit of an observer of kos and mydd over the years, and only recently started interacting with others on-line. I am very unhappy that mydd seems to be one of those groups that has begun to deteriorate.

I know that I was pretty pissed off the other day about what I perceived as a giant fumble by the Obama campaign over the VP issue. I am pretty much over it, with just bit of a lingering sense of dissatisfaction. I just wish that the MSM would stop with the bitter divide bullshit. I have been watching the news on and off  since 10 am this morning and the  They are attempting to pull something negative out of the Hillary and Bill show, but I am not getting any real sense there is anything to get. I just wish that we would have dodged that bullet.

It now is my fervent hope that we can make lemonade here. When Hillary comes out, followed by Biden, Gore, and Bill tomorrow, just to name a few, I believe we will be witness to one of the greatest smack downs in the history of politics. Each one of these people is a master of this and the piling on could be done so perfectly that all Obama has to do is drive it home on Thursday. I suspect that he will instead knock one out of the park as well. Something cool happens after that, but I am at the end of my ability to follow up on the sports metaphor.

I wrote the following to the C4O mailing list earlier and am currently working myself up for one hell of a speech tonight by my girl.

I watched Michelle last night. Her speech was very, very good. I think she did what she needed to do. We didn’t get home until 7pm and didn’t turn on the news on until 9:00. I wish I had watched earlier as I really regret not seeing Ted Kennedy. I went to bed fairly early and did errands this am, but am now glued to MSNBC. Mom has been watching CNN and says that they wanted Michelle to give them more red meat. Typical CNN. I don’t watch them much anymore.

The coverage of the convention by MSNBC seems to be pretty positive overall. Of course the Clinton’s are a big story today and will be again tomorrow. I am quite certain that Hillary will give a very good speech. I am sure that Bill will do what he needs to do as well. CNN will get their wish here. I believe they will both give the most amazing rip fest on John McCain and the repiglicans we have ever seen. I am looking forward to both speeches and then to see the Clinton’s move out of the center stage. I wish that the campaign would have eliminated this VP story a month ago, and right now I just feel a bit empty. I wish I felt better now, but know that I will come back in full support of Obama.

Right now I am looking forward to this convention knocking this election out of the park. I do believe that all of the rest of the speeches leading up to Thursday will show the nation the stark choices our country faces. At least four of the most fierce warriors of the Democratic party will speak over these next two nights and I will not miss a moment of Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Our party has this generations greatest politicians and public servants.

What do the repiglicans offer? bush, Cheny and McSame. They need to be reduced to toasticles. I look forward to the burning smell of white bread to come.

Holli De Groote  


  1. Stipes

    This site depends on you.  I have come to love and respect all of my new friends.

    You guys are very important.

  2. spacemanspiff

    What’s happening.

    You’ll get the same warning everybody gets.

    Don’t pay attention to Stipes or me.

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