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The Real Head Fake

Duh. I just figured it out. I realized the real head fake has just been accomplished and will come to an amazing crescendo tonight when the Big Dog speaks.

We have done nothing but talk about the rift between the two campaigns for the past eight months. This epic battle between two of the most spectacular candidates I have ever seen in my lifetime, and dare I say, the greatest adversaries in the history of this country, is now coming to a close. Now many may whine about how much oxygen the Clinton’s continues to suck up, and others will continue to cry foul over perceived injustices by the Obama campaign and supporters, but the fact remains that all of these people are consummate politicians and masters of the trade.

Tonight William Jefferson Clinton will give the speech of his lifetime. I think the media started to  figured this out last night after Hillary’s speech, and started the backtracking.

I am delayed on MSNBC by 20 minutes (0.00 / 0)

but so far they seem very laudatory about her speech.

Oh wait. I just heard Tom Brokaw say something incredibly stupid. He just noticed that the “tempo is now building (duh) and I think in hearing Hillary Clinton doing tonight what she really needed to do, not just for HRC but for obviously for BHO, and a strong message to her supporters, is a preamble to what we will hear from WJC tomorrow night” (snip) “the fact is after this kind of reception for his wife tonight, with him cheering and tearing up and looking on and even mouthing the words I love you, it is hard to imagine that Bill Clinton won’t go to the podium tomorrow night, as competitive as he is, and if not equal it, probably try to top it in terms of his own enthusiasm for Barack Obama”.

Oh yeah, before Hillary’s speech he was going to be an ass and now we are all saved. Why can’t the media give the Clinton’s one bit of credit. by: Hollede @ Wed Aug 27, 2008 at 00:03:11 AM EDT

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This appears to be one of the MSM talking points today. Bleh, what fucking idiots. Yesterday, while they were still breathlessly wondering what Hillary would do last night, I wrote this;

The coverage of the convention by MSNBC seems to be pretty positive overall. Of course the Clinton’s are a big story today and will be again tomorrow. I am quite certain that Hillary will give a very good speech. I am sure that Bill will do what he needs to do as well. CNN will get their wish here. I believe they will both give the most amazing rip fest on John McCain and the repiglicans we have ever seen. I am looking forward to both speeches and then to see the Clinton’s move out of the center stage. I wish that the campaign would have eliminated this VP story a month ago, and right now I just feel a bit empty. I wish I felt better now, but know that I will come back in full support of Obama.

Right now I am looking forward to this convention knocking this election out of the park. I do believe that all of the rest of the speeches leading up to Thursday will show the nation the stark choices our country faces. At least four of the most fierce warriors of the Democratic party will speak over these next two nights and I will not miss a moment of Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Our party has this generations greatest politicians and public servants.

What do the repiglicans offer? bush, Cheny and McSame. They need to be reduced to toasticles. I look forward to the burning smell of white bread to come.

Fucking talking bobble heads. I want to see another event like the Jon Stewart appearance on Crossfire X 1,000,000;

I really hate the fucking MSM. Just a quick aside, is Bob Novak serving time somewhere for hitting that cyclist while driving drunk? Thought not, but please prove me wrong. Why do we let these fucks set the perception for our country? Every so often I have to save a friend after they have been watching too much CNN.

Bottom line is most of the MSM are total idiots and I think (hope) that our candidates are learning to play them for the fools they are.

I cannot wait to see our Democratic Warriors continue to kick some repig ass tonight and tomorrow. What would make my week ever so perfect and sweet would be if we could do the same to the MSM.  


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