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This Is All Practice Only

All discussion pertaining to site development (be it design, marketing, financial or otherwise) should be held on the Forum.

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We know that folks are already visiting from outside the start-up group….most having found their way via the SoapBlox stats page. They too should realize that this all in the early stages and just a ‘sandbox’ for now. A place for us to practice and tweak and learn the ropes.

As Indie sent in a recent email:

All diaries on should be old diaries or lorem ipsum like I’ve already posted. Everyone needs to be aware that their comments will be deleted once the site goes live. They should also be aware that nothing should be said on the site that should be kept confidential.

Keep this in mind as we spend the next few days/weeks getting this site tweaked to our needs.

So, have fun, stretch your legs…but, keep ‘serious’ discussion on the Forum, not here.


  1. Other people have said they don’t like the drop downs, but actually it immediately rates like the DKOS buttons, and is much less like to cause the same problems as the ‘other site’

  2. Kysen

    NOT show up on the Recent Diaries list?

    A way to keep them separate from the main list of diaries?

    That way, folks will know if/when they are entering a Snark Lounge/no-politics allowed diary.

    Also, with The Lounge…can they have their own bannner/page layout?

  3. Grey would be much much better.

    Light touches of color are fine and distinctive, but whole swathes absolutely no.

    You can never have too much white in my opinion on these sites – make it feel and read like a good newspaper. More vibrancy can be added with a full banner. What are the dimensions Indie?  

  4. ragekage

    Swamp gas and light refracted from Venus only makes it appear like there’s a blog here.

    These aren’t the blogs you’re looking for.

    You can go about your business.

    Move along.

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