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My American Dream

I’m not the first to get all gushy over celebrities and their statements, but sometimes they get it right. hit the nail on the head with this one:

And now another one strikes a chord with me.

We all have an American Dream.

It is easy to get lost in all the activity of the election.  To get wrapped around the personalities, the details, the moment-by-moment evolving metrics, polls and pundits.

I like Senator Obama, a lot, and I have for some time.  But while he was the person to ring the bell, it is not his hand but the message that he first spoke that drives me.


I have hope.  I have a dream.

There are those who would downplay these things as naive cliches, but they forget that there is only one alternative to Hopes, only one opposite of Dreams.  They forget that we have all experienced these alternatives for a very long time now.  They forget that these alternatives do not offer anything whatsoever, that they only deny.

So say what they will about my Hope – about my Dreams – they will not take them away from me.









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