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Egypt Open Thread: Feb 11 – Mubarak's Long Goodbye UPDATED

Last night in Cairo hundreds of thousands of people of all walks of life stood in Tahrir Square waiting for their ‘President’ of thirty years to announce his resignation.

Instead, the crowd was presented with the face of a crooked old man lost inside the stained-glass windows of the billionaire palace lifestyle his people have paid for.

It is past dawn in Egypt today, and the forces aligned against each other will play out one way or another.

Consider this an Open Thread

The Calm: An Egyptian Open Thread

In Cairo and across Egypt things are settling into a Next Phase it would seem. Enough time has passed that people on all sides – including musicians – have been able to think and produce and prepare for…?

What’s your take, Mooses? Is it The Calm, and if so, what is it Before?

Update Al Jazeera Liveblog is a great source for tracking the general trend.

Good summary in this video coverage:

Consider this an Open Thread.

Five Minutes of Clarity: The President's Speech on Egypt

Today President Obama gave his thoughts on the incredibly complex and potentially wonderful events occurring in Egypt. World leaders have struggled to find their voices in this instance as they tried to come to grips with the potential unraveling of the most dangerous region of the world.

There was much anticipation as the world waited to here The Position of the world’s most powerful country. Doubters on both flanks had already carved a virtually hopeless maze of tiger traps and pitfalls. What could the President say that would speak to the intricate needs of the situation?

In four minutes and fifty three seconds he told us.