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Friday Coffee Hour: Check In and Hangout for the Herd

Good morning, Moosekind. TGIF!

  PLEASE Do Not Recommend the check-in diary!

        Recs on the weather jar comment are still welcome.

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Friday Coffee Hour and check-in is an open thread and general social hour.

It’s traditional but not obligatory to give us a weather check where you are and let us know what’s new, interesting, challenging or even routine in your life lately. Nothing is particularly obligatory here except:

Always remember the Moose Golden (Purple?) Rule:

Be kind to each other… or else.

What could be simpler than that, right?

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  1. iriti

    Glorious weekend predicted here: around 80, sunny, with low humidity. All.Three.Days.

    Doesn’t get any better than that in July around here. I do believe I’ll go for a hike. Or three. Maybe four.

  2. It is 58 degrees here and the high is expected to be 78. Perfect weather AGAIN!! A person could get used to this.

    How’s this for some good news?

    I am still stunned by the news last night that “Justice” Alito, in complete contradiction to his own opinion in Hobby Lobby, has decided that now the governments’ religious workaround (Form 700) is burdensome. The female justices have taken exception to that:

    Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote a fifteen-page dissent, joined by Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan.

    Among other complaints of the dissenters, they said that the new ruling went beyond what the full Court had done in January, in allowing a Catholic charity in Colorado, the Little Sisters of the Poor, to avoid becoming involved in the mandate.  The dissenters said there were significant differences between the health plans for Little Sisters’ female workers and the plans for Wheaton College’s staff and students.

    The dissenters also accused the majority of going back on its word in the Hobby Lobby situation.  The Court had relied upon the availability of birth control services through alternative means as a reason to justify giving for-profit businesses an exemption from the mandate.  By compelling the government to make a further accommodation to Wheaton College, the dissenting opinion said, the Court “retreats from the position” that the alternative was sufficient.

    “That action,” Justice Sotomayor wrote for the dissenters, “evinces disregard for even the newest of this Court’s precedents and undermines confidence in this institution.”

    Sorry, Justice Sotomayor. It is too late (see Bush v Gore, Citizens United, Hobby Lobby). Besides, the right-wing wants to undermine confidence in the institutions of government. When people hate the government, they win.

    Busy day here. I want to get a few projects done so that I can enjoy the gorgeous weather. See you later, all y’alls.

  3. DeniseVelez

    Hubby’s bus commute last night – normally 2 hours took 6.

    Roads flooded, traffic backed up for miles and miles.

    It’s going to rain all day – hopefully the thunder and lightening we had yesterday will subside

    The only good thing about the rain is that my neighbors won’t be able to do their horrid loud and dangerous fireworks tonight.

    Good weather tomorrow – going to friends home nearby for a combo Puerto Rican – Soul Food barbeque.

  4. Portlaw

    and thunder and lightning. Was going to a picnic but that won’t work out with this weather so everyone is coming here. Guess I will have to do a little cleaning first. Am sick of this rain and thunder. Hope it’s better weather for everyone else though know that Denise is also dealing with this. Happy Fourth everyone!

  5. Diana in NoVa

    after the rain, which I was very glad to see.

    Denise, sorry you’re having such terrible weather up there! Hope you and Portlaw are going to salvage an enjoyable time despite it all.

    Hubby has turned off the a.c. and it looks as if we’ll be able to keep it off for three days.

    Today I plan to buy some fruit to make fruit salad for my elder son’s barbecue. Oh, and I have to wrap his presents, such as they are. I hope to do nothing but write tomorrow, but perhaps on Sunday we’ll go to see “Jersey Boys.” I can’t remember how long it’s been since we last went to the movies, or what the movie was, but I do know it’s been ages.

    Iriti, have a wonderful hike–and here’s wishing everyone a happy Fourth!

  6. anotherdemocrat

    Another lousy night’s sleep. At some point, I’ll actually exercise & see if that helps. Right now, I’m eating breakfast & watching the news Walking Dead (and marveling at the perfection of Andrew Lincoln’s American accent). Not sure what I’m going to do today. If there isn’t a pool party, I’ll swim at my complex’s pool. I may be desperate enough for sleep to really mean that. Anyway, I need to do something.

    Happy 4th!

  7. princesspat

    Good morning everyone….it’s a quiet 4th for us this year. But tomorrow the fun begins when our daughter and her family arrives for the week. All three grand girls will sleep over on Saturday night so I’d best rest while I can!

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