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  Good morning Motley Meese! Hope your weekend was lovely. Today’s shot was taken at the Patuxent Research Refuge in Laurel Maryland. A few more below the fold.

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  1. Great photos, iriti!! I guess that is one of the things that makes hiking enjoyable: being close to nature.

    It is 68 degrees and on its way up to 86. Heavy thunderstorms are in the forecast. We had some last night, a very nasty line of storms came through about 11:30pm and then a smaller one about 2am. It will be difficult staying alert today.

    Today is Hobby Lobby/Conestoga and Harris v Quinn. For those following along at home, we want Hobby Lobby to lose, essentially the 3rd Circuit affirmed (Conestoga) and the 10th Circuit reversed (Hobby Lobby). For Harris v Quinn, we are hoping for the narrowest possible ruling and maybe even one that only addresses that particular method of collecting union dues in  Illinois.

    I need to go get some things done before the SCOTUSblog liveblog starts at 9:15am. First up will be some orders at 9:30 including possibly a decision on whether to take some cases from California where plaintiffs are suing the state because of California’s ban on gay “conversion” therapy for minors. The decisions are expected at 10:00am.

    Have a great day, all y’all!!

  2. anotherdemocrat

    and the rain is gone, till the weekend anyway

    Well, whatever variety of not-sweet potato I got works fine for the breakfast dish. Didn’t sleep worth anything, despite being exhausted from cooking. (hey, I was in the kitchen from 2-7 yesterday, that’s a lot of work)

    Looking forward to how my Grilled asparagus and avocado tacos will turn out.

    earworm courtesy of U2 again (who now say that album that was coming out in the fall won’t until next year)

  3. Diana in NoVa

    of all the 8s today. Ugh! Hubby just put the a.c. on. We did without it from Friday on to save money but it was a BIG mistake not to turn it on last night.

    So, good morning Iriti and fellow meese! Thanks for the beautiful photos, iriti, especially the one of the Bald Eagles. I look so much like a Bald Eagle myself I feel a deep kinship with them.

    Succeeded in putting the SCOTUS decisions out of my mind for most of the weekend. We’re having an easy week this time!  Miss Pink Cheeks is still asleep after her vigorous weekend at home. Picked a few scant blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries for her breakfast. Our raspberries appear to be either late or nonexistent this year.

    Still in the process of publishing my historical novel, Witchfire, to Smashwords. The company assigned an ISBN to the book yesterday. I’ve got to somehow cobble together a Facebook page and a Web site to promote it, and get back on Twitter. Haven’t been on Twitter for a month, since I ran out of time and writing hints.

    Hope everyone in Mooseland will have a good day! Will be back later to check the front page here re the decisions.

  4. DeniseVelez

    logging in late – was up with cranky puppy at 2AM and am tired.

    Great pics Iriti!

    Gotta run and get shopping, doc visit out of the way.  

  5. bfitzinAR

    going into the 90s today but dropping back to the 80s rest of the nice 4-day week.  QC tonight, double dipping as there’s a Special Meeting to approve a couple of grant applications following the committee meeting (i.e., multiple meetings but only paid for 1) – not only could be worse, next week it will be worse but I’ll save that for next week.  Got to replace the ducts under my house.  That’s $4.5K I wasn’t expecting to spend this year – and will mean having the A/C off for at least 3 days in the middle of July.  Sigh. But I’m hoping it will help my sinus headaches once I’m no longer breathing insulation fibers.

    Have a wonderful Monday (I know, oxymoron) as we wrap up the first 6 months of this year.  {{{HUGS}}} to all in Moosylvania.

  6. princesspat

    Monday, ready or not. The grand girls will be here soon, and then the pool. My son is here now to put a stair rail on the basement stairs so it’s already a busy day.

    19 more days (and nights) with the boot…yes, I’m counting!

  7. bubbanomics

    Have a good week. Already off to a Φ∪⊂κed up SCOTUS start. But every day above ground is a good one; let’s go with that, eh?

  8. rb137

    Sunny, in the 70’s. Just opening my eyes makes me happy today.  :)  I’m sure I’ll come back from Pollyanna land before too long, but it’s fun while I’m here…

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