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Friday Morning Coffee Hour: Check In and Hang Out for the Herd

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Friday Coffee Hour and check-in is an open thread and general social hour. Come back when time allows through the day – the conversation continues.

It’s traditional but not obligatory to give us a weather check where you are and let us know what’s new, interesting, challenging or even routine in your life lately. Nothing is particularly obligatory here except:

Always remember the Moose Golden (Purple?) Rule:

Be kind to each other… or else.

What can be easier than that, right?



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  1. trs

    Currently 45&deg in the Shenandoah Valley, with an expected high of around 60, and rain expected for today. It looks like spring is attempting to muscle its way in. Good luck to it!!

    Iriti got permission to get rid of the sling yesterday!!!!!!!

    Since it is Friday, and I’m in the mood for some music…

     photo fc0daba9d2a94c50beaee9a.jpg

  2. It is 35 degrees here on its way up to 40. Still very windy (16 mph with gusts to 23 mph) … expecting light snow this morning.

    In the news today, it appears that the right-wing still loves Putin, the Republicans are still in ACA denial with their shrill headlines predicting its demise, and Chris Christie’s administration released a report clearing Chris Christie of any wrongdoing: which the New York Times reported as BREAKING NEWS, with no hint of snark. There you have it in a nutshell: the America First folks will gladly put America Last when there is a Democratic president … 6 million people signing up for insurance in the first 6 months of a new program is NOT an indication that it is both needed and popular … and the courtier press still bows to Chris Christie.

    On that note, I shall fill my coffee cup and get started on my work day.

    Have a great day, meeses! And PLEASE stay out of trouble!!

  3. DeniseVelez

    looks like we have a week of rain ahead – but if it will wash away the piles of dirty snow/ice we still have in the pasture I’ll be grateful, and hopefully loosen up the permafrost soil so that I can begin to think about spring planting.

  4. Portlaw

    Went to a fantastic concert of Bach’s Art of the Fugue last night, sent off three very complicated and overdue emails this morning and was feeling very good. Then I thought I would give a brief check of the news before diving into them when I had the print edition. So many worries on the front page of the paper, climate change and Ukraine staring me in the face. Am sure when I get to reading the paper there will also be “news” that Boehner wants to repeal Obamacare for the thousandth time. Aye ya yae or however frustration and rage are spelled.

    I know many Meese are ailing. Hope good health is here! Hope all your coffee or tea cups are full and running over.

    Oh, and for those who haven’t yet seen it, rush, don’t walk, to Jan’s diary about Denise’s honors!

  5. anotherdemocrat

    Super warm this morning. Winter is long gone. 70s this morning, heading to mid 80s this afternoon.

    So yesterday I opened some mail from my insurance company – and they say my treatments are not medically necessary. Which I’m ok with, because I hate eating up my sick leave at this rate — and I swear I’ll exercise more often when these bandages are off. But I’m worried about the money thing — how much am I responsible for, etc? Today’s a short day – I have an appointment, which, if nothing else, I’ll swing by the house & pick up the squisher & take it back….  And we are understaffed on Fridays so I won’t have time to dial out from the call queue to figure stuff out. Sigh.

    So, with stressful stuff going on, I bring you video that made me teary last night – Rachel Maddow talking about the Best New Thing in the World, Chris Hayes’ new baby:

  6. anotherdemocrat

    omg, not only is Jimmy Carter coming to Austin, he’s doing a book signing! I don’t know if my feet will let me stand in line that long — not just the swelling, but I still have the stress fractures in my heels — I may just buy a signed copy. Otoh, to shake his hand….. And this book looks fantastic!

  7. Otteray Scribe

    Yesterday was the third anniversary of losing Reed. I almost did not write anything, but at the last minute put up a picture diary last night on the Big Orange. I would have posted it here and on Flowers for Socrates, but writing it once took all I had.

    Out of town company coming a week from today. Doing a bit of spring cleaning between work gigs.  

  8. princesspat

    Maggie, the visiting grand puppy is curled up on my lap reminding me to remember what’s important :)

    My thoughts are with the families suffering from the aftermath of the terrible land slide in Snohomish County. This article in the Seattle Times this morning is both interesting and very upsetting….

    Laser maps reveal slide risk with startling clarity, but few citizens know they exist

    The landslide risks near Oso were well documented, even before the advent of lidar, yet construction was still allowed in harm’s way.

    “We need to look at all the tools we have that tell us what are risks are,” Mullen said. “Then we need to have some community discussion … about whether we are prepared to address them.”

  9. rb137

     photo Modestinewithvideo_zpscf186e68.jpg

    This is Modestine Etoy (Program Coordinator at HOLD-DRC) holding the finished video that the women at Succeeding Together made with Innoss’B and Maisha Soul. They’ll have to made a trip to Rwanda to upload it to YouTube. I’ll post it as soon as it’s there.

    Thanks again for keeping this story front and center here at Moose. If you missed it, the diary is here.

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