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IA-GOP County Co-Chair Leaves Party

The co-chairman of the Polk County Republican Party has resigned and changed his party registration to independent, saying the GOP has become too conservative and is condoning “hateful” rhetoric.

Steve King’s crazy finally set off a morality alarm in someone in the GOP:

Brown said in a phone interview that he became disgusted by a party he believes is being run by the Christian right and the National Rifle Association. He cited Congressman Steve King’s recent, controversial comments on illegal immigrants as an example of his philosophical conflict with the party.

“No one’s really stood out to really fight him on those. I think they’re hateful statements,” he said. King made national news with his comment that illegal immigrants were more likely to be drug traffickers “with calves the size of cantaloupes” than valedictorians.

It seems Mr. Brown values science as he feels the GOP has “declared war on science and common sense” That common sense thing goes right along with knowing Steve King is a certifiable loon. (no offense meant to birds)

Brown’s resignation letter:

   Dear Polk GOP Executive Committee Member,

    I am writing to inform you that I changed my voter registration to Independent today – severing all ties to the Republican Party. Having been a Republican all my life, I did not take this decision lightly.

    Having spoken with a pastor and having prayed about this for hours, I came to the conclusion that this is my only recourse. I’m disappointed with the Republican Party at the National level. I’m disappointed with the Republican Party at the Statewide level. I’m disappointed with the Republican Party at the Countywide level. I find it increasingly difficult to defend issues and statements made by Party leaders and officials from all three levels.

    I decided to get back in this arena following the “contentious” 2012 Polk County GOP Convention. I was upset by what happened at the conventions, and I entered into the arena with the intent to help fix the problems. However, I think this level of dysfunction is not going to be fixed any time soon.

     I donated time and financial resources to the Polk GOP and haven’t had a good return on my investment. In the 2000 Presidential Election, the Polk GOP lost Polk County by about 16,000 votes. In fall of 2000, the Polk GOP had no headquarters. The Polk GOP had no paid staff. The Polk GOP didn’t even have a working telephone number. Fundraising was minimal.

     In 2012, the Polk GOP lost Polk County by over 32,000 votes. Until 2002, Republicans were elected to the State House from Des Moines. In 2012, Republicans lost 2 State House seats in suburban, Republican-leaning districts and came two dozen votes from losing a third. Facts are stubborn things. I think we are now headed in the wrong direction on several fronts and regretfully must step aside.

    It’s my opinion that rather than fix the problems that led to such a massive 2012 defeat, the GOP does not seem to seriously want to fix the issues. I think helping a dysfunctional Party that does not want to address its problems is enabling. I do not believe in enabling. I debated this for weeks and am certain this is the only course.

    I wish you the best of luck,

     Chad Brown



  1. there is a batch unhappy because the Republicans are NOT crazy enough: Seven Maine GOP Officials Leave Party In Name Of Libertarian Cause

    After the co-chair of Iowa’s Polk County GOP resigned and registered Independent Tuesday citing a party “headed in the wrong direction,” seven local GOP members in Maine also stepped down lamenting the abandonment of conservative and libertarian principles, the Portland Press Herald reported.

    … members of the Maine State Republican Committee, joined a letter accusing House speaker John Boehner (R-OH) of “cowardly leadership” and criticized establishment for accepting tax increases

    Polls show that most Republicans believe that they lost in 2012 because Mitt Romney was too moderate. They are insisting that their party move to the right.

    A party that used to claim the center is now hell-bent on dragging itself to the fringes.

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