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Friday Coffee Hour: Check In and Hangout for the Herd

Good morning, Moosekind. TGIF! Don’t forget to let your peeps know where to find you.

  PLEASE Do Not Recommend the check-in diary!

        Recs on the weather jar comment are still welcome.

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Friday Coffee Hour and check-in is an open thread and general social hour. Come back when time allows through the day – the conversation continues.

It’s traditional but not obligatory to give us a weather check where you are and let us know what’s new, interesting, challenging or even routine in your life lately. Nothing is particularly obligatory here except:

Always remember the Moose Golden (Purple?) Rule:

Be kind to each other… or else.

What could be simpler than that, right?

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  1. iriti

    TGIF! It’s 50 (?!?!?) degrees in the Shenandoah Valley. Headed for a sunny high of 77. Should be a beautiful day. I’m hoping to escape my last day at the old job early to go enjoy it.

    Speaking of last days, I found out almost as I walked out the door yesterday that I am going to spend it cleaning up a major foul up (not mine) because the boss is on vacation. Customer is gonna be ticked off. Ditto CSR. Ditto boss of da boss. I have to break the news to the last two. Anyway, that’s why I’m posting so early…Gotta head in for clean-up duty.

    Will check back when I can…be kind to each other in the meantime.

     photo iz-dis-fing-on_zpsa847a99a.jpg

  2. 55 degrees here in Madison WI, expected high of 80 degrees. Dry. We are expected to have more August-like temps next week. Wahhh!! I was enjoying the early fall.

  3. iriti

    For those of you who come from the orange and knew her, she was killed yesterday apparently by a drunken driver.

    My heart goes out to her family as they deal with this tragedy.

  4. DeniseVelez

    now in the mountains of NY but last night even the warm covers didn’t help much and my office this morning was bone-chillingly cold.

    Can turn it off when the sun warms us up to high seventies.

    The cat watching the coffee-maker reminds me I just made a fresh pot.

  5. kishik

    Last night, I actually had to pull the comforter on me.  Quilted cotton comforter! Then the pootie was huddled up against me for warmth!

    Weather is too whacky.  It really feels like fall, not August (ya know, dog days of summer NY August?)

    iriti, you are going to be in a very congested area.  Hicksville has so many little strip malls and shopping! So expect whacko crazy Long Island drivers! They are not sensible in the least, they are rude on the road and everyone drives a big ass SUV because, you know, soccer Moms wanna drive in style and not drive a van.

    You totally will not be in the most scenic area of Long Island.  

  6. nchristine

    It’s in the low 50’s headed to mid 70’s later today.  No rain in sight for the next week.  Temps to go up to ‘normal’ for the next week – high of 88 next Wed/Thurs.

    Not much planned for the weekend.

  7. Diana in NoVa

    But this is the last for a while–we’ll be back to summer next week.  Still, this has been fun while it lasted.

    Our son and his family will be moving back in with us–oddly enough, at the same time they did last year, September. They’ve scheduled the movers to put their furniture into storage for mid-September. I just hope they can settle on the house they want to buy not too long after that, because months before I knew about any of this, I invited a friend from Pennsylvania to spend Samhain with me. She will be here for several days. Was planning to put her in the downstairs flat, which my son’s family will now occupy.

    Oh, well, we’ll work it out. In the meantime I’ve got a Preschoolers’ supper party planned–my little granddaughter and my great-nephew will be here this evening. The kids can pick the Sungold cherry tomatoes for the salad, and the main course will be macaroni and cheese, which they both like.  For afters, I’ll make glazed apples out of our own apples.

    Hope everyone will be able to get out and enjoy the beautiful day!

  8. anotherdemocrat

    and maybe again today

    I’m eating breakfast, watching a Science Channel show about black holes & waiting for the a/c guys. It’ll be good having a new a/c. But I’ll seriously have to get that check for my share of Mom’s money. The rest of this month is gonna be tight, but September will be impossible without that money. Anyway, I’ll let y’all know about the progress of the new a/c unit.

  9. blue jersey mom

    We are headed out on vacation this afternoon. This is our first real vacation since 2008. I will post some pictures when we get back.  

  10. Nurse Kelley

    That’s what it says; there’s smoke in the air from fires in adjacent states.

    Khloe is at WORK! It’s a short-term job through an agency, but we’re both excited that things are starting to happen for her. Woo-hoo!

  11. slksfca

    Screencap from last night’s news says it all. FOG! With mild temperatures, thank goodness.

    Today I have a lunch date with my friend Kim, followed perhaps by a bit of shopping to restore my depleted wardrobe.

  12. bfitzinAR

    Still crazy busy but I promised JanF I’d check in today – besides I have a couple of rants.  Minor rant – I’m getting the 7-office move accomplished despite the input/instructions of the Chair – I wish the folks at the top – or even in the middle – with the “great ideas” would just tell us what they want and then get out of the way.  I don’t need my Chair or the other department’s Chair to deal with this, I need the other department’s staff so we can coordinate the move.  I finally went upstairs and got with them yesterday after my Chair left town for a family thing – which of course could get me in lots of trouble when he gets back next week.

    MAJOR RANT – the staffing upgrade request for the Animal Shelter – the one forwarded out of the Fiance Committee unanimously with a “do pass” recommendation – failed last night as a not-particularly-missed JP who’s been gone for family reasons for the last 6 meetings showed up and managed to flip enough votes (somehow – her rambling rant was about not giving away cats – WTF?- and how we said we’d run the Shelter for a year on short grass (she didn’t put it that way but that’s what we did over several JPs’ protest including mine) and then see what we actually needed – we opened last September –  don’t ask me what the “flippers” were thinking, but they always vote with her no matter what she says.  One of the votes she flipped was the JP who introduced and moved to pass the resolution – until said JP heard the unfortunately-no-longer-missing JP’s rambling rant.  THIS IS WHY I AM NOT RUNNING FOR RE-ELECTION NEXT YEAR!  They start out saying, “Nobody has more respect for the hard work of ___ than I do,” then proceed to make motions that implicitly say, “but our employees are actually incompetent liars so we shouldn’t give them the money they ask for to do their jobs.”  I’ve got approximately 20 meetings left this year, most of which involve the 2014 Budget, at which I will be listening to a variation of the above from the mouths of at least 7 JPs ad nauseum – and I’m already nauseous about it.

    OK – rant over, at least for now.  I’ll try to get back later & check everybody else’s check in 🙂 Hope everybody has a lovely week.  {{{HUGS}}}

  13. princesspat

    My big kids took their kids to the county fair last night so everyone is sleeping in this morning. We’ll all have dinner here tonight then they leave tomorrow. It’s been a fun but very busy week.

  14. JG in MD

    I saw the Dr this morning.

    The EEG printout has words on it as well as squiggly lines.

    Baby’s first cardiac workup will be Friday August 30. I’m pretty sure I can keep my head in the sand until then.

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