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The Daily F Bomb, Tuesday 7/30/13


It’s National Cheesecake Day. What’s the best cheesecake you ever had?

Did you ever have a treehouse? If you had to do without, did you at least like to climb trees?

Are you good at riding horses? What is your saddle preference?

Did you ever get into an actual physical altercation? Can you tell us about it?

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On This Day

In 762, Abu Ja’far Abdallah ibn Muhammad al-Mansur founded the city of Baghdad.

In 1729, Baltimore, Maryland was founded.

In 1839, captured would-be-slaves mutinied aboard the ship La Amistad, successfully taking command.

In 1866, the Louisiana government (Demo, I mean Dixie-cratic at the time) raided a meeting of the Republican Party (at that time the Party of Lincoln) because it was (gasp!) integrated. 40 died and 150 injured in the resulting mêlée.

In 1932, the first Technicolor cartoon short, Disney’s Flowers and Trees, premiered.

In 1952, the Oscar winning film High Noon, starring Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly, was released.

In 1965, The Rolling Stones album, Out of Our Heads, was released in the U.S., becoming their first number one album in this country.

In 1975, former Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa was last seen in a Detroit parking lot.

In 2003, the very last of the old style VW bugs was produced in Mexico.

In 2006, the long running British musical TV show, Top of the Pops (provider of many a yummy You Tube video) was shown for the last time.

Born on This Day

1511 – Giorgio Vasari, Italian painter, writer, historian, and architect (d. 1574)

1699 – Giuseppe Marchesi, Italian painter (d. 1771)

 photo GiuseppeMarchesi.jpg

1818 – Emily Brontë, English novelist (d. 1848)

1819 – Edouard Henri Girardet, Swiss painter  (d. 1880)

 photo EdouardHenriGirardet.jpg

1826 -Achille Zo, French painter (d. 1901)

 photo AchilleZo.jpg

1853 – Julian Falat, Polish painter (d. 1929)

1863 – Henry Ford, American businessman, founder of the Ford Motor Company (d. 1947)

1872 – Princess Clémentine of Belgium (d. 1955)

1881 – Smedley Butler, American marine general (who foiled a right-wing government takeover) (d. 1940)

1882 – Robert Julian Onderdonk, American landscape painter (d. 1922)

 photo RobertJulianOnderdonk.jpg

1890 – Casey Stengel, American baseball player and manager (d. 1975)

1895 – Wanda Hawley, American actress (d. 1963)

 photo WandaHawley.jpg

1909 – Magda Schneider German actress (d. 1996)

 photo MagdaSchneider.jpg

1910 – Edgar de Evia, American photographer (d. 2003)

1929 – Sid Krofft, Canadian puppeteer and producer

1933 – Edd Byrnes, American actor

1934 – Bud Selig, American businessman, 9th Commissioner of Baseball

1936 – Buddy Guy, American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1939 – Peter Bogdanovich, American director

1939 – Eleanor Smeal, American activist, founded the Feminist Majority Foundation

1940 – Patricia Schroeder, American politician

1941 – Paul Anka, Canadian singer-songwriter and actor

1945 – David Sanborn, American saxophonist and composer

1947 – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Austrian-American bodybuilder, actor, and politician, 38th Governor of California

1948 – Jean Reno, Moroccan-French actor

1948 – Otis Taylor, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and composer

1949 – Duck Baker, American guitarist

1955 – Rat Scabies, English drummer (The Damned)

1956 – Anita Hill, American attorney and academic, witness at the sexual harassment trial against Clarence Thomas

1958 – Kate Bush, English singer-songwriter and producer

1960 – Richard Linklater, American director and screenwriter

1961 – Laurence Fishburne, American actor

1962 – Alton Brown, American chef, author, and producer

1963 – Lisa Kudrow, American actress, writer, and producer

1964 – Vivica A. Fox, American actress and producer

1968 – Sean Moore, Welsh drummer (Manic Street Preachers)

1974 – Hilary Swank, American actress

1977 – Ian Watkins, Welsh singer-songwriter (Lostprophets and Public Disturbance)

Died on This Day

579 – Pope Benedict I

1528 – Palma Vecchio aka Jacopo Negretti, Italian painter (b. 1480)

 photo PalmaVecchio.jpg

1550 – Thomas Wriothesley, 1st Earl of Southampton, English politician (b. 1505)

1683 – Maria Theresa of Spain (b. 1638)

1718 – William Penn, English businessman and philosopher, founder of the Province of Pennsylvania (b. 1644)

1746 – Francesco Trevisani, Italian painter (b. 1656)

 photo FrancescoTrevisani.jpg

1789 – Giovanna Bonanno, Italian poisoner and alleged witch (b. c. 1713)

1898 – Otto von Bismarck, German politician, 1st Chancellor of Germany (b. 1815)

1899 – Adolf Schreyer, German painter (b. 1828)

1900 – Alfred, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (b. 1844)

1918 – Joyce Kilmer, American poet (b. 1886)

1975 – James Blish, American science fiction author (_Cities in Flight_) (b. 1921)

1983 – Lynn Fontanne, English actress (b. 1887)

 photo LynnFontanne2.jpg

1992 – Brenda Marshall, American actress (b. 1915)

 photo BrendaMarshall.jpg

1996 – Claudette Colbert, American actress (b. 1903)

 photo ClaudetteColbert.jpg

1998 – Buffalo Bob Smith, American television host (b. 1917)

2007 – Ingmar Bergman, Swedish director (b. 1918)

2007 – Bill Walsh, American football coach (b. 1931)

2012 – Maeve Binchy, Irish author, playwright, and journalist (b. 1940)

Today is

Feast of the Throne (Morocco)

National Cheesecake Day

Father-in-Law Day

Paperback Book Day


  1. Sigh. Just sigh.

       I hope Obama won’t appoint Janet Yellen to Fed chair without a full and fair public discussion on her appearance and dress.

       – Jesse Berney (@jesseberney) July 29, 2013

    And yes! “Don’t you think THIS wiener would make a better Mayor?”. Draft Dachshunds!!

    I am a little concerned about this Feast of the Throne holiday. What is it all about?

    From my newsfeed: Woman Awarded $18.6 Million After Credit Reporting Agency Failed To Fix Mistakes

    Julie Miller contacted Equifax eight times between 2009 and 2011 to correct significant inaccuracies, which included the wrong accounts, incorrect collection attempts, the wrong Social Security number, and the wrong birthday. She first discovered the errors when a bank denied her credit in 2009, and she subsequently alerted Equifax and filled out forms from the agency to update her information. The information on her account was improperly placed in her record from another Julie Miller, and the lawsuit alleged that in at least one case her private details were sent to companies looking for the other woman. Yet Equifax failed to fix any of those mistakes.

    Equifax said “We are very disappointed in the jury verdict and we are exploring our options.”

    I have an option … fix errors when people report them!! People are so casual about incorrect information online because it is everywhere but a credit report is not like a Facebook page. Incorrect birthday information on Facebook means extra cake … incorrect birthday information on credit reports can result in your good credit not getting linked up to you, or worse, someone else’s bad credit getting linked up to you.

  2. JG in MD

    Really? Today is Paperback Book Day? ::twilight zone music in background::

    For a long time I haven’t had the sustained attention required to read for pleasure. Yesterday, though, I was coming off a Sunday of doing nothing, aka “getting some rest.” While I was at the library I ::gasp:: checked out two paperback novels.

    Perhaps future iterations of that “rest” thing might involve reading books instead of listening to them and doing two other things at the same time.  

  3. zenor

    architects to design enveiglements for new buildings thus to promote residents and visitors to climb stairs so they’ll be healthier.

    Please take him away. Walk him away. But, away. Away! Menace meddling clown fool arrogant jerk blank..

  4. anotherdemocrat

    It’s National Cheesecake Day. What’s the best cheesecake you ever had?

    There was a restaurant in Austin called Romeo’s, that had chocolate cheesecake that I swear was medicinal grade. It could actually cure your ills & make you feel better, right on the spot.

    Did you ever have a treehouse? If you had to do without, did you at least like to climb trees?

    Never had a treehouse. Even when we lived places where there were trees, I never climbed them.

    Are you good at riding horses? What is your saddle preference?

    I rode a horse once, when I was little. Don’t even know where we were.

    Did you ever get into an actual physical altercation? Can you tell us about it?

    Never been in one.

  5. Gee

    Most unusual for the end of July.

    It’s National Cheesecake Day. What’s the best cheesecake you ever had?

    Did you ever have a treehouse? If you had to do without, did you at least like to climb trees?

    Are you good at riding horses? What is your saddle preference?

    Did you ever get into an actual physical altercation? Can you tell us about it?

    Cheesecake… Oh, now you’re fishing for compliments!  😉  Best cheesecake I’ve ever had was dubbed by all present “FR’s effing great cheesecake.”  It was chocolate.

    Never had my own treehouse, but I participated in several.  I did, in fact, like to climb trees.

    I’ve ridden a horse once.  I was terrible, but then so was the horse.

    I got into the usual schoolboy scuffles.  Gave my friend Wayne a black eye in Junior High.  Next day, he was quite thrilled to have one.  A badge of coolness.

  6. Gee

    By time you finish this sentence, Halliburton will generate enough revenue to pay fine for destroying evidence in history’s worst oil spill.

    – Robert Reich


    1941 – Paul Anka, Canadian singer-songwriter and actor

    Witness his physical altercation with Mel Torme in Girls Town (1959).

    1948 – Otis Taylor, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and composer

    Odd, I just discovered this guy yesterday.  He’s got this crazy banjo sound.

  7. raina

    Cheesecake? IDK, they’re all great to me.

    No treehouse, not a tree climber.

    I know nothing about horses or saddles, but I have ridden a number of times.

    Other than fights with sibs as kids, no I’m not really a physical fighter.

  8. raina

    I was looking online for recipes, and from what I gathered, the recipes are very similar, except gelato has less air, less fat, and is kept at a warmer temperature. The solution for regular IC makers is to stop churning when it reaches soft serve consistency, and when it freezes rock solid in your freezer, take it out and let it thaw a bit before serving.

    I’ll try out two recipes- one, without eggs, is from the Cuisinart site and another uses eggs. Will let you know how it turns out, but I suspect it won’t be exactly the same.

  9. JG in MD

    Cheesecake? No cheesecake in particular, but I proposed to a tiramisu once.

    I loved climbing, trees or jungle gyms or whatever. Would have adored a treehouse.

    Riding horses? I’ve been on a horse a few times. It was wonderful.

    Physical altercation? No.

  10. Avilyn

    Honestly it feels like Monday today, with lots of things going wrong and people getting on my nerves at work.  Taking a breather to hopefully get back in a better place.


    It’s National Cheesecake Day. What’s the best cheesecake you ever had?    White Chocolate Cheesecake made by my friend Tom

    Did you ever have a treehouse? If you had to do without, did you at least like to climb trees?   No treehouse, but lots of tree climbing.

    Are you good at riding horses? What is your saddle preference?    err, define ‘good at’.  I’ve done trail rides a few times, mostly when I was younger.  I never got thrown or fell off.  Saddle preference = comfortable  😉

    Did you ever get into an actual physical altercation? Can you tell us about it?     Yep.  And I could tell you about it.  Mostly fights with my older brother – we didn’t get along really until we were older and he moved to Florida.  One fight with a kid in school, although not on my behalf (tho I was often bullied verbally) – one of the bullies picked on a friend of mine & made her cry, so I got in a fight with them.

  11. Tuesday, July 30, 2013 1:14 PM EDT

    A military judge on Tuesday found Pfc. Bradley Manning not guilty of aiding the enemy, but convicted him of multiple counts of violating the Espionage Act.

    Private Manning had already confessed to being WikiLeaks’ source for the files, which included videos of airstrikes in which civilians were killed, hundreds of thousands of front-line incident reports from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, dossiers on men being held without trial at the Guantánamo Bay prison, and about 250,000 diplomatic cables.

    But while Private Manning has pleaded guilty to a lesser version of the charges he is facing, which could expose him to up to 20 years in prison, the government decided to press forward with a trial on a more serious version of the charges, including “aiding the enemy” and violations of the Espionage Act, which could result in a life sentence.


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