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Senator McConnell’s Progressive Liberal voting record, his absolute iron fisted rule over the Republican Party in Kentucky and his willingness to roll over and cede power to President Obama and the Liberals in Washington, prove that he is no friend to the American people or the citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


over the rainbow for some rolling and ceding…


  1. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner Lose Their Grip on the Republican Party

    [Tea Partiers] see the ideological gulf between themselves and the Republican Party as roughly equivalent to the ideological gulf between the Republican Party and the Democrats. That’s a big part of the reason that activists in the Tea Party group Freedom Works are more than twice as likely to rate the GOP “poor” or “well below average” as “outstanding” or “well above average.” […]

    To get anything done, [McConnell and Boehner] need to compromise with Democrats. To improve their party’s image, they need to compromise with Democrats. But most Republican members of Congress are more responsive to Tea Party activists-who could defeat them in a primary-than to voters as a whole. And those Tea Party activists oppose compromise, even if doing so hurts the GOP, because they’re not all that invested in the fortunes of the GOP.

    Ooops!!! Perhaps Republicans might wish they had not made this pact with the teaparty. At least the religious right was malleable … just add a few anti-choice anti-women votes every few months and they will turn over their phone tree to you. Tea partiers are still ticked off about the Bush big spending.

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