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Motley Monday Check in and Mooselaneous Musings

Good morning Motley Meese! Hope your weekend was lovely. Remember to let your peeps know where you are!

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Here’s today’s Motley Monday Shot of the Week. I took this at Catoctin, MD last weekend.

Catoctin Zoo Trip-2

The morning check-in is an open thread and general social hour. Come back when time allows through the day – the conversation continues.

It’s traditional but not obligatory to give us a weather check where you are and let us know what’s new, interesting, challenging or even routine in your life lately. Nothing is particularly obligatory here except:

Always remember the Moose Golden (Purple?) Rule:

Be kind to each other… or else.

What could be simpler than that, right?

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  1. iriti

    67 this morning, heading for a high of only 82 with a chance of thunderstorms. I’m skeptical about the storms; it was near 100 degrees with eleventy zillion percent humidity all last week and the chance of showers missed us every day. Doesn’t seem likely we’ll get them now that it’s cooler.

    Happy Monday, all! Be careful out there.

     photo Monday1_zpsbffa28a0.jpg

  2. DeniseVelez

    a luverly 69 right now in the Hudson Valley – headed up to low 80’s with rain etc.

    No real plans for today – I suppose I could do housework (naw scratch that)

    I think I’ll just put my feet up and read a trashy novel 🙂

  3. slksfca

    …with pillow soaked with sweat. Bad dream which I can’t remember. Can’t get back to sleep so I’m sitting up for awhile with TV early news on softly in the background.

    Today’s predicted high: about 60° under cloudy skies (thick fog out there right now).

    Just heard that the Duchess of Cambridge has begun labor and been admitted to hospital to await the new heir to the throne. I’m not a royal-watcher but I wish them well.

  4. 69 degrees in whereIamnow Missouri heading up to 87 degrees whereIwillbelater WI. Looks like the storms will hold off  today. Possibly some overnight.

    Storms visible to the southwest passing below our location. The lightning in the early morning sky was dazzling.

    Have a great day, all y’alls!

  5. Portlaw

    Great photo, iriti!  My computer is  hopeless. And the new one isn’tcheduled to arrive until right before my vacation so no time to transfer files.   I may not be up and running until mid September. Am totally lost without my computer. It makes me sad even to look at it.  Of course, it’s breakdown is an excuse not to do any work!

  6. slksfca

    He wrote a great post about the President’s Trayvon Martin speech.

    No other president could have said what Obama said on Friday afternoon with similar authority.

  7. kishik

    it’s still humid but thankfully the temps have finally dropped.  I’m hoping for a change that I can count on the future forecasts to be accurate!  Because it means night temps will drop to a comfortable low-70s and under in a week’s time!

     photo tigersw3_zps7f4aa2f9.jpg

  8. Last evening we looked up the snake we saw yesterday morning, and I think we have agreed it was probably a fox snake.

    This morning we have fog. (Thanks for sharing, Silks!) And coffee, which helps. Temp now is 67 but it’s heading for upper 80s with lots of liquid in the air. Rain is possible later, but most of the liquidity will be run of the mill humidity.

    Today I have a meeting early afternoon. Also I have backs ready for 3 different quilt tops. I need to get the big one loaded on the frame, something I’ve been saying for 3 or 4 days.

    Have a lovely Monday! (Is that an oxymoron?)

  9. nchristine

    showers later today.

    Seeing the day with dread, I think….. We’ll see the impact of the change in staff today…..  I’m definitely not amused.

  10. anotherdemocrat

    Eating beans, drinking tea, catching up on the internet. Gym bag is in the trunk, I’m going to the gyn today dammit. Outdoor class meets T/Th, so I’m saving the shirt that arrived on Saturday for that. Aaaaargh – I took a picture yesterday & it isn’t there. So, my “in training” shirt for the Half in February arrived in the mail. It is gorgeous. I’ll take another picture tonight.

    We have a part of the counter in the breakroom where people put stuff to give away. There has never been anything political there. Today there’s an Infowars t-shirt & bumpersticker there. I’m kind of offended.

    Anyway, plan for the day: work, gym.

  11. Diana in NoVa

    this afternoon!  The heat was really getting on my nerves–everything in the garden looked so sun-baked and weary.  It’s 72 F. now.

    We arrived home after a wonderful weekend in Austin but after that every morning seemed to bring some crisis, which involved both of us getting into our vehicles and driving to weird automotive repair places. I got lost at one point but the trusty GPS was in the glove compartment, so I eventually arrived home.

    Denise, your plan for the day sounds great! I spent the week reading Vince Flynn, got tired of it, switched to a brain cleanser, and now feel ready to write again.  Started work on the first scene of a short story–have put it off for so long it’s going to be a race to finish it in time for Lammas. Also need to catch up on my journal, which I’ve neglected horribly, and correspondence, ditto.

    These lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer make me feel like doing…nothing!

    Hope everyone has a good day!

  12. Jk2003

    Swim lessons and laundry on tap for today.  And the never ending making of meals and snacks for the kids.  And then the dishes.  Oh, the dishes.

    A young girl I work with just posted a racist screed regarding trayvon Martin.  I am seething.  Trying to decide how to handle it.  I will not be able to work with her in the same carefree manner as before.  So disappointing.  

  13. bill d

    Looks like we’ll be getting a whole week of a Texas summer with none of that odd rian stuff showing up for the near future. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

    Hope everyone has the week they want to have and don’t let any stupid and mean people get under your skin.  

  14. slksfca

    And it seems to be working, so hopefully I’ll be back in bed before too long to catch up on the sleep I’ve missed. There are things I wanted to get done today!

  15. I was reading about Supernovae this morning in Sky & Telescope.

    It seems a newly discovered version comes from a new type of exploding dwarf. The normal type of supernovae are demolitions of overweight white dwarfs. Astronomers disagree whether white dwarfs fatten up by sucking matter off a swollen, aging companion. Or, do they merge with a second dwarf?

    I have such visions in my head of exploding garden gnome statues.

  16. jlms qkw

    cools off to low 70s eventually, and house is at 78f now.

    yesterday was 103 or 4f, today is aiming for 100f but we will see what happens.  

    tomorrow is hot too, then storms for wednesday i guess.  

  17. emeraldmaiden

    I finally got a good night’s sleep last night, thanks to tramadol. It was heavenly to sleep through, without the pain waking me up. Absolute luxury. 🙂

    Yesterday we made our first batch of pickles. Today, I have other things to do, and I actually feel like I might accomplish something.

    It’s only supposed to be 82 today, maybe some thunderstorms.  

  18. princesspat

    I have a whole week of no company and no grand kids….imagine that! I can’t decide what over due list needs attention first.

    However, after the pool this morning I know I’m going to try to find some more Autumn Fire Sedums to plant…..creating “drifts of color” takes a lot of plants, and right now my drift is ending abruptly, heh.

  19. JG in MD

    Looks like I’ve become a taker. I’ve applied for food stamps and if I can’t find a better pain reliever I want a handicapped tag for my mirror. I wouldn’t use a handicapped space unless there isn’t one anywhere near, though.


  20. LauraFall

    in more often.

    Trying to decide if the return of the heat and humidity today is a good excuse for not working outside. But that means working inside aka cleaning and I would much rather do garden/yard work than clean.

    Sunday morning storms here left yesterday more bearable so I was able to get all the weeds out of my garden and flower beds that had taken advantage of my absence during quite a few days of it being too hot to be out there.

  21. wordsinthewind

    mr w had to leave on a business trip on short notice, seems that when their favorite instrument quits working scientists can wail like two year olds. It’s better to just go than to listen to them. Once he shows up they all know to leave him alone until he’s done. He has that whole drawling west Texan thing where the more you try to hurry them the slower they get. It used to irritate me too until I realized I’d started doing it myself just from living around them all these years.

  22. PadreJM

    It turns out that the money I spent on cab fare yesterday was on beyond a waste.  The “missing” keys took the ride with me the whole way, despite my having checked, and ultimately emptied, my pants pockets, my jacket pockets, and even my shirt pockets, even though I knew they were not to be found in any of them — but just to prove that point to myself.

    When I undressed for bed last night, I heard a jingle.  They were in my left hip pocket.  I hadn’t checked my back pockets because I’ve never, and would never, put keys there.  But there they were.  I can’t imagine how I had failed to feel them every time I sat down.

    But there you have it.  Mystery solved.  And embarrassment made all the more complete.

    (My grandmother used to always say, whenever anyone was searching for a misplaced item, “You’ll always find it in the last place you look.”  The “logic” of that used to annoy me terribly.  After all, of course it will be in the last place you look.  Why would anyone continue the search after finding it?  But I’d give anything to hear her say it again now.)

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