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Unf******believable: “Liberals” Defend GZ

Following a link I saw in a Tweet tonight I was led to an unbelievable POS at Talk Left.

TL is supposedly “The Online Magazine with Liberal coverage of crime-related political and injustice news” Bullshit.

It was like reading a Fox News report, but worse.

On President Obama’s speech yesterday:

The most objectionable part of his comments: Not once did he express any empathy for George Zimmerman, the man who was acquitted who spent the past 16 months under the cloud of criminal charges, and who continues to have a target on his back.

emphasis mine

Empathy for a man who murdered an unarmed 17 year old?

I thought it couldn’t get worse than that but it does.

More below the fold.  

What twisted reality does this supposed lawyer live in?

The President, like so many others, refuses to acknowledge that George Zimmerman had no avenue of retreat from the beating Martin was inflicting on him. Zimmerman would have prevailed on self-defense without a stand your ground law. The only additional element a stand your ground law adds to traditional self-defense is the elimination of a duty to retreat if one is available.

Based on the account of Zimmerman, the other party couldn’t give a statement, he was dead. And Zimmerman contradicted himself many times in interviews.

As far as his avenue of retreat,  he gave up when he got his sorry ass out of his vehicle after being advised not to.

It is unfortunate that Trayvon Martin lost his life, but he was wrong to use his fist and the cement as a weapon and attack George Zimmerman.

At least be original with your bullshit and don’t echo West and O’Mara.

Oh, and according to this “former Constitutional Law Professor, it wasn’t about race.

Whether Martin was black, white or purple was not a factor at the time of the shooting. Zimmerman’s will to live without permanent brain damage was entirely reasonable

I sure as hell am glad she’s not teaching her version of the Constitution anymore.

A legal analysis is one thing, this is a full blown racist defense of a murder, and on a so called liberal blog.

And let me warn you, don’t read the comments if you don’t want to be even more sickened.  


  1. DeniseVelez

    to be honest to me it is simply thinly disguised racism all wrapped up in lots of verbiage.

    Over at GOS there was one lawyer who made over 700 comments in a short time span – all of them sounding like this stuff and worse.

  2. Never once did I feel he should be ‘presidential’ and measured in his comments. I heard the pain and sensitivity in his words for his personal history and how it relates to that of many others in this society. It was not a time to be balanced and political. I found it one of his truest moments as my president. I felt closer to him as a man and as a father. And, I thank him for letting me in.

    Others can speak for GZ, including himself.

  3. about Obama’s Presidency is how starkly it has revealed the  more or less veiled racism — from ignorance of the black reality, through unthinking white privilege, to outright bigotry — that runs through swaths of the left.

    I expected it from the right; I didn’t realize how much of it would be revealed in Progressiveland.

    I daresay this doesn’t really surprise my black brothers and sisters, but it’s been a painful and depressing awakening for me.

    Sometimes it seems as if this entire damned country doesn’t deserve this man as its President.

  4. princesspat

    I’m still shaking my head after reading this article….

    Salon’s Shocking Comparison: Obama is George Zimmerman, Trayvon is Al-Awlaki

    The serious issue here is that a considerable faction of left is treading on rapidly thinning ice right now. The other day I suggested that perhaps these people ought to check their optics because some of these positions, when tethered together, are beginning to look really, really bad.

    Reading Smartypants is a welcome antidote…..

    President Obama talked to White America as a Black man

    After talking about some things we need to do to improve things, he ended with a challenge to us.

    “…at least ask yourself your own questions about, am I wringing as much bias out of myself as I can; am I judging people, as much as I can, based on not the color of their skin but the content of their character? That would, I think, be an appropriate exercise in the wake of this tragedy.”

    I know that a lot of white people won’t be able to hear what he said or take up that challenge. But I sure hope that some of us will. Regardless, this country has now experienced its first racial crisis with an African American in the White House. He spoke to us as as that man today. I am SO grateful to be living in this moment and so amazingly proud of our President!

    Also at Smartypants, an important perspective…. #HeIsNotASuspect  The tweets and the accompanying photos are very moving. I’ve just spent the week with my 12 yr old grandson, and while I worry about his vulnerabilities I do not have to fear for his fundamental safety based only on the color of his skin.

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