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Adobe CS2 is available at this time…

I got it installed in 64 bit Windows 7

Three tricks were needed that the PDF misses:

Set the Files to extract as XP SP3 with admin rights. (Right Click/Properties/Compatibility)

Extract the files in the order indicated. 2, 3, Extras, 1. It seems weird but the PDF is clear on this point.

Make sure that they land in the proper default locations. They didn’t in my case and I don’t know why. I had to browse to get them in the right places.

After running 1 the install starts automatically. It also has a problem with the default location.

   Replace “C:Program File (x86)Adobe” with “C:Progra~2Adobe”.  The installer may not “light” the OK button.  If so, click the browse button then the cancel button and “OK” should activate.

This goes back to 16 bit DOS . . .


C:Creative Suite CS2Adobe Creative Suite 2.0


C:Creative Suite CS2  note: This is different from what the pdf says.




C:Creative Suite CS2


Acrobat Pro 7.0



It might help.

My pics are not considered art by me. Photoshop is a destructive method. Lightroom is a database technique. I only paid for the latter and am considering paying for CS6 as the last free standing version. It is going to a subscription basis soon.

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  1. Nurse Kelley

    I have no idea what your diary is about (you may recall I’m technologically challenged) but your photo and its hover are 100% class. Welcome!

  2. I can’t use it. I need a new computer at some point as my motherboard is ancient and even the new graphics cards won’t fit…not to mention that I can’t add any more memory and THAT’S an old configuration too. UGH. Everything is eventual.  

  3. GlenThePlumber

    I use whatever is preinstalled on my mac…I am not a tech geek…more like the old-fashioned carnival geek…I’ll see ya on the midway.


  4. kishik

    I’m not the only one who has no clue what you are talking about! Makes me feel even more at home here. 🙂


    I love this hang out.  Doesn’t suck out the energy from one….


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