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Wednesday Watering Hole: Check In & Hangout for the Herd

Good morning, Moosekind. Don’t forget to let your peeps know where to find you.

  PLEASE Do Not Recommend the check-in diary!

        Recs on the weather jar comment are still welcome.

The common Moose, Alces alces, unlike other members of the deer family, is a solitary animal that doesn’t form herds. Not so its rarer but nearest relative, Alces purplius, the Motley Moose. Though sometimes solitary, the Motley Moose herds in ever shifting groups at the local watering hole to exchange news and just pass the time.

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The morning check-in is an open thread and general social hour. Come back when time allows through the day – the conversation continues.

It’s traditional but not obligatory to give us a weather check where you are and let us know what’s new, interesting, challenging or even routine in your life lately. Nothing is particularly obligatory here except:

Always remember the Moose Golden (Purple?) Rule:

Be kind to each other… or else.

What could be simpler than that, right?

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  1. iriti

    63 here, headed for a high of 77. Clearing after the auditor comes for a sample count of our shipping yard. We have a habit of giving our auditors a good soaking.

    Happy Wednesday!

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  2. 47 degrees in Madison, WI expected high of 77 degrees, sunny. Can you say “paradise”?

    Well, except for the Republicans in the State Capitol a few miles down the road plotting the destruction of all I hold dear. But the weather is nice.

  3. jlms qkw

    yesterday: 96f, 45 humidity, windy all day.

    right now: 77f

    daytime high forecast, LOLOL 79f.  ha i’m betting on 85f.  

    oh mai hed.

    sinuses are mad, a little bit of migraine . . . worse if i lay down.  :-(((((

  4. nchristine

    We’re going to have lots of cherries this year!!!  There have been late freezes the past couple of years causing the cherries to not form.  Helped put netting over the two cherry trees at dad’s place last night.

  5. anotherdemocrat

    I have to stop thinking that 75 degrees at 7 am feels muggy, because all too soon, that will feel cool. Breakfast – black beans with spinach & rotel tomatoes, with avocado on top. Yum.

    “Run” practice after work today. Yes, I have plenty of water.

    Tomorrow, I replied “yes” to 2 events, oops. There’s a gigantic vegan potluck with the (local) author of the Engine 2 Diet book & its follow up, that he just released. And the 2nd thing is AIDS Services of Austin launching their big fundraiser raffle of a Prius. It’s at the newly renovated Zach Scott theater & looks like it has a space theme. Wish I had Hermeione’s time turner. (would also be useful for putting my front porch back together)

    Someone is trying to call in sick at 7am. Silly person – no management is ever here this early. I’m the only one & I only do it to avoid traffic, get a good parking place & eat breakfast in my cube.

  6. Last night’s sleep was not good. Other than that, I think I’m fine.

    OTOH, today’s plan does include more cleaning, baking rhubarb cookies, trying to make yogurt for the first time, and cooking dried garbanzo beans. And reading for my class this afternoon. And going to class.

    And if I can’t cope with that whole list, I’ll still go to class and make cookies.

    Weather is grand here.  

  7. PadreJM

    We ended up with more sunshine yesterday in between light periods of gray and showers, and it looks like today’s going to be a repeat.  The Weather Channel says our high is only going to hit 71°, but they’ve been underestimating our highs for weeks.  I’m guessing closer to 75.

    Now, if I can stop yawning, I can start my day.

  8. JG in MD

    63° Here Near DC on the way to a high of 79° they say but it’ll probably go over 80° which is still okay. I saw autumn colors on bushes along Rt. 270 yesterday on the way to have breakfast with Fred. He didn’t believe me. Honest, there they were.

  9. Jk2003

    My brave daughter took her vaccines like a champ yesterday.  Unfortunately, she is now running a fever.  Woke me up at four this morning feeling not so hot as the ibuprofen had worn off.  Now she is lying on the couch watching Tom and Jerry.  My crazy two year old son is eating breakfast with my husband.  

    Beautiful day on tap here.  Sunny and mid seventies.  Hot weather coming this weekend.  May have to turn the air on.

  10. bill d

    Love your descriptive and very informative post this morning, it was like watching Animal Planet when they used to talk ablout animals.

    Summer is coming to North Texas. Mid 90s extended out, at least no triple digits hanging out in the extended forecast yet.

    Hope all have a good Wednesday.  

  11. wordsinthewind

    but we should be staying under 100 for the next few days. We have clear blue cloudless skies which I like waking up to, if I appreciated rain and wet weather I wouldn’t have moved to the desert.  

  12. I havasetsed rhubaob yestdy and cut the tipp of m rite indx fingr. Bandaysds are nut md for tht shape. Purdon my tipeing mistaks tody. I thnk    autocorct haas flailed me toody.

    I hoep it dusnt uffckt my golf gam.

  13. DeniseVelez

    in case you are wondering what Juneteenth is:

    Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day, is a holiday in the United States that commemorates the announcement of the abolition of slavery in the U.S. state of Texas in 1865. Celebrated on June 19, the term is a portmanteau of June and nineteenth, and is recognized as a state holiday or state holiday observance in 42 of the United States

    very nice day here – sunny, not too hot, not too cold

    amazing 🙂

    Got up at 3AM to wake the hubby up early – and went back to bed – yawn!


  14. Nurse Kelley

    I’ve got 15 more minutes to drink coffee before the dreaded “nothing by mouth” kicks in. Lots to do before losing the use of my left hand – laundry, spray fungicide on an Aspen tree, scrub myself down for the OR. For a few weeks I’ll be typing like Jim.

  15. HappyinVT

    Lisa Murkowski has “come out” for gay marriage.

    Countdown to frantic Facebook post by Ms. Palin …

  16. bfitzinAR

    Back to work on the Annual Report.  Dammit.  Thought I’ve have at least a day to work on Spring Classes before I had to get back to that.  Got a letter yesterday from the lawyer representing the “don’t put the cell tower where we can see it” folks.  Let’s just say I don’t put in writing, at least not on the internet, what I think of the lawyer.  QC tomorrow night.  After trying (for several minutes) to think of something cheerful, I actually did – I’m taking Friday off to drive up to a blueberry farm – getting my blueberries for next winter.  7 gallons going into my freezer, plus 1 gallon to eat fresh (and another 7 gallons I’m picking up for various people at the office).  Anyway, I’ll drop back when/if I can.  {{{HUGS}}} to all in the Mooselands.

  17. HappyinVT

    If I am asked as a prospective employee how I “can contribute to the diversity and excellence of the District and community through teaching and/or service” can I just say “I’m a disabled Vet The End.”?


    Seriously though, is this question about me personally or am I reading it wrong?  I have about 4000 characters I’m allowed to write and while I can be wordy I’m not sure I have that much to say.  I hate applying for jobs.  >.<

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