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Virginia’s E.W. Jackson, or When Power Politics Backfires

 photo images_zpscada3c29.jpgNomination by convention instead of a primary – it was GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli’s dream road to the party pick. He threw all his political power, and that of his allies, behind a nominating convention and they carried the day. With a convention process he avoided a prolonged confrontation with alternative candidates such as current Lieutenant Governor Bolling.

Unfortunately for the ultra-conservative, homophobic, anti-choice Cuccinelli, his party then blessed him with the gift that keeps on giving: a lieutenant governor candidate that even Cuccinelli considers extreme – Bishop E.W. Jackson, a man who makes Michelle Bachmann look lucid, perhaps even profound.

Let’s take a look at a few of GOP candidate Jackson’s greatest hits, shall we?

From his 2008 book Ten Commandments to an Extraordinary Life we learn that sin causes birth defects:

It is the principle of sin, rebellion against God and His truth which has brought about birth defects…

Oh and from the same book, cloning and in vitro fertilization carry the mark of Satan, Hitler, and Stalin. No, seriously:

Practices such as cloning and in vitro fertilization by woman who want to have children without fathers, are precisely kinds of evils God saw in the tower of Babel incident. The people’s vision was unrestrained by God’s spiritual and moral instructions. Indeed their vision was rebellion against God. Wicked vision carries the mark of Satan. Hitler, Stalin and other bloodthirsty despots have proved that.

He opposes Employment Nondiscrimination for LGBT folks because he sees a ‘direct connection’ between homosexuality and pedophilia.

Even worse he has opposed AIDS prevention programs, saying abstinence is the only solution. He states that homosexuality is “killing black men by the thousands” and by supporting gay rights liberals have “done more to kill black folks whom they claim so much to love than the Ku Klux Klan, lynching and slavery and Jim Crow ever did, now that’s a fact.”

In this video, besides referring repeatedly to the ‘Democrat Party’ Jackson says:

Planned Parenthood has been far more lethal to black lives than the KKK ever was.

I’ll just quote MSNBC’s MaddowBlog to summarize some of his other pronouncements, shall I? Links are in their article:

A few days ago, it was his argument that evolutionary biology can’t be true because most animals can’t talk. And shortly before that, we learned that Jackson had warned that yoga can put you at risk for satanic possession.

Before these revelations, there was the melon video. And the bizarre condemnations of homosexuality. And the comparisons between Planned Parenthood and the KKK. And the time he accused President Obama of having “Muslim sensibilities” and seeing the world “from a Muslim perspective.” And the time Jackson said Democrats have a policy agenda “worthy of the Antichrist.”

And on and on.

Is it any wonder that Virginia Republicans are distancing themselves from their own candidate? Virginia does allow a split ticket to be elected, but every word out of Jackson’s mouth draws attention to the issues Ken Cuccinelli is trying to keep quiet: the extreme, right wing nature of the state’s Republican leadership.


  1. bubbanomics

    least likely to be inducted into mensa.  He could very well be one of the folks Jindal’s been talking about.

  2. but the fact that a guy like Terry McAuliffe, with all his baggage, is ahead in the polls means that his opponent has to be awful.

    When I look at all the faces of the Republican party lately, from Virginia to Texas to Wisconsin to Florida, I feel sad for our country but hopeful that such a large mass of ugly and stupid can’t possibly be overlooked by the voters.

    And every time someone hears or reads about “crazy Republican E.W. Jackson” we reinforce the “crazy Republican” in their minds. No amount of fancy Frank Luntz messaging can erase that.

  3. About 1,500 Republicans in attendance kicked incumbent Senator Robert Bennett to the curb to select teapartier Mike Lee. Lee won, of course, in a red state during a wave election.

    But those 1,500 people were even more concentrated crazy than hyperpartisan primarygoers. Those primary goers in 2012 selected two highly unsuitable candidates in Missouri and Indiana. Again in red states but in a presidential election year that favored Democrats.

    Virginia Republicans ignored the reality of your bluish state and selected based on what was reverberating in their own echo chamber.  It is no surprise who they ended up with. I hope it comes back to bite them.

  4. Kysen

    as a Virginian, I’m afraid.

    A) It is a mid-term election…notorious for poor Dem show out.

    B) We are runnin’ McAuliffe…not someone I see too many Dems rushin’ to vote for on his own merits.

    C) So, we are relying upon FEAR of the Cooch to win the day.

    Running on fear, in and of itself, is a frightening strategy.

    I hope both ETW and the Cooch keep lettin’ their conservafreak flags fly….their continued lunacy may well be our only hope.


  5. Diana in NoVa

    If it’s anything like the “melon” photograph I saw in a New Orleans shopfront window in the French Quarter, it must be quite something.

    Look, Terry McAuliffe is a Democrat who has lived in Virginia for the past 20 years.  Never mind if you don’t like him. Never mind if he isn’t your dreamboat.  He’s a DEMOCRAT.  He’s not going to ban abortion. He’ll veto a bill that confers “personhood” on everyone except WOMEN. He’s not going to allow “transvaginal probes.”  He’s not going to ban the morning-after pill or declare that college health clinics can’t dispense birth control pills to students.

    If ever a Rethug volunteer or candidate approaches me during the coming campaign season I’m going to fix him or her with a gimlet eye and drawl one word in a very loud voice:


    And yes, I’ll donate what few pennies I can scrape from my Social Security check and help in other ways.

  6. Virginia Lt. Gov. Candidate Says Social Programs Hurt ‘Black Family’ More Than Slavery (Video)

    The Virginia GOP’s nominee for lieutenant governor, E.W. Jackson, gave a speech Wednesday in which he claimed government social programs have done more harm to the “black family” than slavery. Jackson explained that “programs that began in the sixties” hurt the African-American community because they encouraged people to feel women did not need men “in the home.”

    “My great grandparents, Gabriel and Elijah Jackson were slaves and sharecroppers in Orange County, Va. I am a direct descendant of slaves. My grandfather was born there, to a father and a mother who had been slaves. And by the way, their family was more intact than the black family is today …

    There you have it. Women chose to become single mothers raising their kids because they knew they could live large on government programs.

    And, yes, slavery was great for the family!! Well, except for the part where the family members could be sold off to different plantations and the women could be raped and the men could be beaten and killed. But when you are a black Republican you have to avoid looking at history or facts or your head would explode.

  7. Virginia Newspaper Drops ‘Democrat’ From Its Name

    Partisan politics have compelled one Virginia newspaper to announce that it would drop the word “Democrat” from its name.

    An editorial published Wednesday in the Warrington, Va.-based Faquier Times-Democrat assured that at least while under the ownership of one area family, the newspaper “had nothing to do with Democratic Party politics.”

    Psst! You might want to drop the faquier, too.

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