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George Zimmerman Sr’s New Book Names the Racist of America, It’s the Black Folks

Moooose, Well I had a flash piece the other day of good news in the Obama administration weighing in on Stop and Frisk now I’ve got to share some tripped out what kind of crap news is this from the Zimmerman saga.…

Previously, Zimmerman Sr. “believed generally racism was a thing of the past.” He says that, personally, he hadn’t encountered much racism, even though his wife is Hispanic. But after his son shot and killed Trayvon Martin, however, Zimmerman learned that racism is “flourishing at the insistence of some in the African American Community.” He then goes on to list various black leaders and organizations that he believes are racist:

Congressional Black Caucus. “[A] pathetic, self-serving group of racists… advancing their purely racist agenda.” He later adds that “all members of Congress should be ashamed of the Congressional Black Caucus, as should be their constituents.” And finally: “They are truly a disgrace to all Americans.”

The NAACP. “[S]imply promotes racism and hatred for their own, primarily finical, interests” and “without prejudice and racial divide, the NAACP would simply cease to exist.”

NAACP President Benjamin Jealous. “[W]hat I would expect of a racist.”

Trayvon Martin’s funeral director. A “racial activist and former head of the local NAACP.”

Benjamin Crump, Natialie Jackson and Darrly Parks, attorneys for Travyon Martin’s family. “The scheme team.”

The National Basketball Players Association.

Black Chamber of Commerce.

National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers.

National Black United Fund.

United Negro College Fund.

While stopping short of explicitly calling President Obama a racist, Zimmerman Sr. does say that Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have “shamelessly” sought to exploit his son’s case “to obtain great advantage in the African-American community.”

I also understand he went on to condemn the Electric Slide and Billy Dee Williams for daring to be the pretty individual he is.

Can I get a WTF ya’ll WTF?


  1. He shoots his TV every day there’s Black history on it, good thing its the shortest month.

    He’ll earn 7 figures for this book wowsers off the chain.

  2. bill d

    and swap it out with the Gideon Bibles that are in the sequestered jury member’s hotel rooms?

    Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  3. HappyinVT


    The National Basketball Players Association.

    I guess the non-black players aren’t covered by them?

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