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Friday Coffee Hour: Check In and Hangout for the Herd

Good morning, Moosekind. TGIF! Don’t forget to let your peeps know where to find you.

We are heading home from our road trip. Wednesday I couldn’t post a first comment from my phone, so if there isn’t one today, please assume I had the same problem and post away.

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Friday Coffee Hour and check-in is an open thread and general social hour. Come back when time allows through the day – the conversation continues.

It’s traditional but not obligatory to give us a weather check where you are and let us know what’s new, interesting, challenging or even routine in your life lately. Nothing is particularly obligatory here except:

Always remember the Moose Golden (Purple?) Rule:

Be kind to each other… or else.

What could be simpler than that, right?

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  1. iriti


    79 degrees in central middle-of-nowhere Kansas, headed for 99. We’ll be outta here long before then.  

  2. jlms qkw

    into the mid 50f’s

    i hope this coolness gets to colorado quickly!  

    safe travels to iriti & trs.  and i hope you do not turn around and suddenly find a pair of unexpected woozles in the back!  😉  

  3. I hope you are on the front end of “getting up early to hit the road” and not the back end of “couldn’t sleep”.

    55 degrees here, should get to 76.

    Still drinking coffee, pondering the vagaries of computer hardware and software. If I ponder too long, I wonder why the heck I am in this business. Someone once told me that a Windows computer has probably a hundred thousand program files written by thousands of programmers all interacting with hardware built by dozens of manufacturers and only once tested in exactly that configuration: right before it is put in the box to ship. For it all to go to hell should be the rule rather than the exception.

    Safe travels, iriti! I hope you get out of Kansas before Sam Brownbeck realizes that libruls crossed over his borders. Republicans are not very welcoming to furriners.


  4. where Jim still refuses to go to work. 😉

    It’s going to be a lovely day here, getting to the high 70s with a light breeze from the southeast. We’ll go out for a walk after we’ve had a cuppa.

    Errands this morning include dropping off things at Goodwill, taking quilt guild books to the Mennonite relief store, hitting a sporting goods store to see about hiking poles and good socks. Also I need a sunhat to keep my pale skin protected.

    Birds are noisy…

  5. nchristine

    really nice today with rain most of the weekend.  May have found someone to mow for the summer.  Today is ’employee appreciation day’.  There’s been little things all week, but today is the ‘big’ day.  There will be ‘fair’ food for lunch, on the company.  Then games in the afternoon.  I’ve heard that many start filtering away around 1-2 in the afternoon.  I’m definitely going to make my escape as well!!!

  6. anotherdemocrat

    I went straight home last night because I wasn’t feeling well – headache & unhappy stomach. But maybe I should have exercised yesterday anyway. I still woke up around 3 am, my head still hurts…..grrrr. Got to eat enough breakfast that I can drink my tea (I sorta got back to sleep after the 3am thing, but not really – hence, tea). And since I skipped Wednesday’s workout, I have to go in the morning, which means waking up at 5:30 on a Saturday. I’m fairly certain that was not the Creator’s intent when She created Saturdays.

    Ok, this made me laugh:


    Anyway, once again there are very few thoughts in my head this morning. Earworm is Snow Patrol’s Headlights – hey at least I only know one version of it so there’s not 2 different versions playing in my head at the same time.

  7. JG in MD

    If you haven’t used up your 20-file access to The Washington Post this month, here’s a link to cool pictures of the storm in MoCo and DC. Olney, Rt 108 and Gaithersburg are my neck of the woods. I loves me some good WashPost photos.

  8. JG in MD

    If you haven’t used up your 20-file access to The Washington Post this month, here’s a link to cool pictures of the storm in MoCo and DC. Olney, Rt 108 and Gaithersburg are my neck of the woods. I loves me some good WashPost photos.

  9. wordsinthewind

    last night with storms predicted for all day and tonight before clearing out. Grace is growing longer showing her dauchshund side but she has chihuahua ears so she earns that chi-weenie tag. She is so sweet and eager to please, training is going well. So far she’s learned come, sit, stay and we’re working on drop it.

  10. PadreJM

    Tomorrow begins a weekend of highs in the high 80’s according to the Weather Channel.

    I seem better today, physically, but haven’t been up and around much yet.  We’ll see.

  11. JG in MD

    My leg is a lot stronger and without pain now. Is it possible I should have just waited for the aftermath of the exercise classes to wear off instead of going to the doctor?

    I got the bill for my visit to that awful primary care doc at the end of April. It’s only about twice what my co-pays were with my beloved retired doctor. And the bills from the other docs will be horrendous. And there’s no way I can pay them without depleting my savings to the point of panic. I’ve been conveniently ignoring that particular reality.

    See paragraph 1. Sigh.

    And in case you missed this about med costs in the US vs. other places…

  12. bfitzinAR

    gotta work on the Annual Report today – “things” have bumped it to the necessary HOF status that allow me to bump “things” so I can deal with it.  Hope the CO mooses are OK.  (I’ll check back when I can on that front.)  Safe travels to iriti & trs.  My foot is a little sorer this morning than yesterday – guess I was on it too much.  The big bandage comes off tonight – I’m hoping the smaller bandage won’t mess with my balance/stride as much.  Cell tower site visit Tuesday afternoon has left me with a crop of chiggers I’m not going to say where.  No more site visits until the bugs die back!  Gotta go.  {{{HUGS}}} to all in The Mooselands.

  13. JG in MD

    I ran out of clean undies so I did laundry. Now everything is in the dryer. I feel no heat in the clothing when I open the dryer and it’s still moist. Dr.’s appointment is in 35 minutes. I think I have a problem here.

  14. slksfca

    Got email last night from an online friend who is now in town. She’s here early for NN13 and spending a few days in San Francisco before the conference.

    Monday we have a brunch date at the Cliff House, but we might be meeting up before that, on Sunday, for the weekly band concert in Golden Gate Park. Fortunately there are other local people who want to help entertain her (because although I’d love to play host, my budget is very limited).

    I hope everyone has a fine weekend!

  15. princesspat

    Thanks to a forgotten Dr’s appointment my hoped for time in the garden didn’t happen yesterday so I’ll try again today. It’s good to have choices, but my list of must dos and want to dos seems long today.

  16. Kysen

    today in Va Bch? A high of 73.

    /shakes head

    Kee-ray-zee weather.

    I am so relieved the weekend has somehow arrived again.

    RL has me watching the days/calendar more than I usually do…so each ‘milestone’ really is a relief.

    Safe travels to our intrepid road-trekkin’ Moose!


  17. JG in MD

    See this? That’s your spinal cord. See how it’s pinched and misshapen, pushed in by the curve in your spine, by these vertebrae at this angle? Did I mention that it’s progressive and there’s not much we can do for it?

    My leg was much stronger today than last time I was there, I don’t know why. I guess it comes and goes. No physical therapy needed, just common-sense care. Pay attention, don’t overstress it, exercise should be stationary bike or swimming.

    What I read on WebMD, Mayo Clinic, NIH websites is The pain gets worse with exercise, better with rest. You might want to reduce activity.

    Let me get this straight. The free exercise class I was so happy to find MADE IT WORSE? After years of feeling guilty over not walking or working out, I’m now supposed to REST? My get-out-and-do-things level is at an absolute minimum, damn near zero, because I have no money and I’m supposed to REDUCE ACTIVITY?

    My cane arrived in the mail yesterday.

    Happy I am not.

  18. JG in MD

    Kyle is the grandnephew I talk about all the time, the one who was in Iraq, the one who videotaped me fencing with Wii in his cousin’s living room.

    I know I’m a proud aunt, but you will be glad you read this. Really you will.

  19. DeniseVelez


    Will just post briefly that things are okay, for now, but have no idea when will have another loss of service.

    It set me back in some deadlines – so my apologies for not doing usual fiercing of comments.

    Time Warner claims they will fix the problem tomorrow.


  20. Otteray Scribe

    Finally got a file back from the transcription service. I thought they would never get it back, but looks to be pretty error free. At one time their proofreading and quality control sucked.

    Now to integrate that dictated report with some tables and figures, and maybe I can get paid.  

    Been watching news coverage of the fires out at Black Forest, which is near where Nurse Kelley lives. I have a diary about the legendary Black Forest Gliderport. Got a note a few minutes ago from former Black Forest pilot Jim Foreman, Jim sez, in part,

    “….the fire went no further south than Burgess Road which is about a mile north of the gliderport and a quarter mile north of where we lived. Not sure if the Painted Pony bar escaped or not. But it pretty well cleaned everything from between there and Shoup and north as far as County Line Road (that’s where Black Forest Road ends) The winds changed to the south and began to push it north and west toward Monument. People east of I-25 from monument to Castle Rock have been placed on evacuation alert.”

    Light a candle or say a prayer for the firefighters. I watch the tanker planes on video and wish I were there.

  21. in bill d’s diary I can’t fierce and I can’t comment. Unfortunately apparently I CAN fail… Sorry for the fail and of course I don’t mean it. Will try again to change it…

    I did send a note to the head moose to report my fiercing problems, noting in particular that it seems quite random.


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