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Obama Administration Files Brief AGAINST New York City Stop and Frisk

To the tune of Glory Hallelujah let’s take a moment to thank and revel in the idea that we now have a President that cares about the 4th amendment.…

In a stunning move, the Obama Administration has thrust itself into the middle of the explosive federal stop-and-frisk trial and is taking sides against the NYPD, raising the odds of a outside monitor being appointed to oversee the controversial crime-fighting program.

“This is very bad news,” said one City Hall source.

The source said that Attorney General Eric Holder’s office notified the city that it intends to file briefs in support of claims by the Center for Constitutional Rights that cops are stopping suspects on the basis of race.

Ten weeks of testimony in the case concluded last month.

It’s very good news for the equal application of the United States Constitution regardless of race creed or ethnicity though.  

Sorry for the short diary MOOOOOSE feel free to dance around in the freedom grass below.


  1. DeniseVelez

    from unabashed supporters of AG Holder.

    Interesting how almost no one in one very vocal group who call themselves “progressives”(online) pays any attention to the valuable work being done under his watch.

    All they do is call for his head.

    Not saying that they should STFU- but ODS has also turned into Holder Derangement Syndrome among certain segments.

    Wonder why?  

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