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Moose Poop ~ Open Thread

I searched Photobucket for pictures of “moose” and came across this one:

 photo cefd1a5a-9ce6-40fe-af59-f97675341f75_zpsbbcd550c.jpg

It is apparently moose poop.  Having never seen moose poop I cannot guarantee the truthiness of the description (looks small for moose poop to me but maybe it was a baby moose) but I’m too grossed out that someone picked it up with his bare hands no matter whose poop it is to care too much.

What’s the poop in your neck of the woods?


  1. HappyinVT

    Trying to keep the weeds at bay (and failing with all the rain), get the plants in (finally finished that minus a hosta or two), and finish tearing up the linoleum in the kitchen (getting there but it is a long slog).  That’s on top of work and general housekeeping.

    Having a great time doing it all, too, except for the work.  I hate my job.  🙁  But it pays most of the bills.

  2. DeniseVelez

    now that the weather has finally changed and weeds are outpacing my flowers by leaps and bounds, I’m trying to reclaim my back porch and garden area from our free-range chickens and roosters.

    They love perching and pooping on the glider 🙁

    They’ve dug up my planters to lay eggs in.

    The dogs won’t chase them, the cats ignore them and short of wringing all their necks I don’t have a solution.

  3. bubbanomics

    for a moose…i guess there must be a lot of those pellets in one “moose business arrangement.”

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    I’m no stats expert, and I’m no mortality expert. But I’m pretty sure 100% of us will die, vegetarian or not. So this, to be correct, needed to be stated differently than it was.

    Perhaps it was a 12% lower incidence of death during the studied period? Maybe, but it doesn’t say that.

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