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No Money Just Positive Thoughts

As many of you know I had to clean out my parents home in November after the sudden death of my brother. It has been on the market ever since. I have had to use most of my money to keep it going. We may have someone ready to make an offer. I’m asking for positive thoughts, energy, and prayers that this happens.

One of my younger brothers is disabled. He and I reconnected after a period of estrangement by virtue of not talking politics. If the house sells I can get him out here from California and into my apartment complex. We both have health problems and can look out after each other. We need the house to sell for this to happen.

So bombard the people looking at the house with good vibes so they will buy the house.

And for those who have been asking about buying my artwork I have found a couple of places to sell it.

You can find merchandise with my artwork on my Zazzle account:…

You can find prints of my artwork on my Fine Arts America account:…


  1. wordsinthewind

    for all, especially the buyers to find smooth sailing through the loan approval process. It would be such a great resolution to have your brother closer, hope this happens soon.

  2. Avilyn

    let us know how it works out.  

    Also, those links don’t seem to work, I get “Page not found”.

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