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Friday Coffee Hour: Check In and Hangout for all Moosekind

Good morning, Moosekind. TGIF! Don’t forget to let your peeps know where to find you.

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Friday Coffee Hour and check-in is an open thread and general social hour. Come back when time allows through the day – the conversation continues.

It’s traditional but not obligatory to give us a weather check where you are and let us know what’s new, interesting, challenging or even routine in your life lately. Nothing is particularly obligatory here except:

Always remember the Moose Golden (Purple?) Rule:

Be kind to each other… or else.

What could be simpler than that, right?

Posting in the wee hours because I cannot sleep.

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  1. iriti

    dropping down another couple of degrees before reversing course and heading for a high of 79. Thunder-boomers in our outlook as well.

    For those of you following yesterday’s saga of “please, please, please not the head gasket” I am sad to report that to no-one’s real surprise it was the head gasket.

    Pro-tip: when the guy who stands to make oodles replacing your head gasket says “There’s so much anti-freeze and foam in the oil that heaven only knows what damage has been done to the bearings, etc. down in the engine and it might not be pretty even if you did fix the head gasket” don’t throw your money away.

    May we have a moment of silence for the beloved 2005 Aveo, seen here being taken for its final rest?

     photo 2005-2_zps6ca0e27c.jpg

  2. zenor

    I expect mostly weather clear and track fast/firm and not much rain, if any, for Pimlico and the Preakness Stakes.

    I will get a form but hunch the race will be near a walkover for Orb.

    Even with the cruel weight of failed triple crowners these past 35 years, I feel hopeful as Shug that the drought may end at Belmont’s finish line.

    We’ll see. Preakness first, tho. Saturday.

    Orb won’t be 5 to 1 this time, maybe odds on.

    Lukas will send 3 to mug the Derby winner but I don’t think they’re good enough. Zito will likely send a whole farm out for the Belmont.

    But that’s Orb house and shouldn’t work.

    I so hope a triple crown winner happens. Exciting proposition.

  3. Khloe

    46 degrees with an expected high of 68. In an effort to confuse my body, I’ll be working first shift today and tomorrow. It a nice change to visit everyone before heading in.

    In other news, allergy season has begun.

     photo catgetssneezedon.jpg

  4. blue jersey mom

    I am headed to the airport in a few hours. I woke up early. I am nervous, and I can’t sleep. After all these years, I am still a white-knuckle flier. (I first went to the UK to do archaeological fieldwork when I was an undergrad back in 1971.)

  5. DeniseVelez

    I’m sitting here with a pile of final exam papers to grade, and wading through emails from students who didn’t get papers in on time – and the excuses they offer.


    Every semester same stories.

    Found this website that gave me a chuckle

    here are the first 10

    18 Creative Excuses for Missing Exams, Classes, and Assignments

    1. I have to fly to New York to deal with my grandma’s drug overdose.

    2. My housemates were doing a weeklong World of Warcraft tournament and used up all the bandwidth, so I couldn’t email the assignment.

    3. I am unable to attend class on Thursdays because the lacrosse team plays on Wednesdays and I am morally obligated to get drunk with my teammates afterwards.

    4. I was in jail at the time of the exam. (If you think your professor might demand proof, you can always go out and get arrested for public drunkenness so you have proper documentation.)

    5. I couldn’t turn in the paper because I was mugged last night. I begged the guy to let me keep my pen drive, but then insisted on taking it, yelling that I must have some “classified information” on there that he could sell for big money. Then he called me a geek and did the Urkel dance.

    6. I missed the exam because I consumed a bag of fat-free Pringles while studying the night before and the Olestra gave me anal leakage, abdominal cramping, and diarrhea.

    7. My antidepressants interacted badly with the Ritalin I was prescribed and I was so manic I couldn’t sleep. I crashed two days later, just in time to oversleep and miss the exam.

    8. I used to steal wi-fi from my next door neighbors, but they moved out over the weekend, so I couldn’t email the assignment.

    9. My roommate got black-out drunk and urinated all over my essay. Then he puked on the printer, so I couldn’t even print out another copy. I had to take him in a taxi to the hospital because I was scared he had alcohol poisoning. The taxi ride cost $100 and he spent all his money on liquor, so he can’t pay me back and until he pays me back on Friday, I can’t get a new printer.

    10. There was a blackout in my building. I wrote my paper until my laptop’s juice ran out, but I was so distracted by the candlelight that I never remembered to save my doc.

  6. anotherdemocrat

    Even though I slept last night, I think I’m still on an adreneline high from last night. There will be Trekkies who will want to kill JJ Abrams, but those people would have already hated him from the first movie. I loved it. Ripped my heart out of my chest & hurled it against the wall, on multiple occasions. And when I thought I knew who someone was, it turned out I was wrong. Then wrong again. They can definitely make new movies from here on. (no need to stay through the end of the credits, there ain’t nothin’ there) But seriously, I wished I had worn my heart rate monitor, too see how long it took my heart to get back to normal. Definitely after I got back to the house.

    So…..the rest of the planet is still here, I’m guessing stuff happened yesterday. Anything I care about?

    Oh – and the normal Texas May has set in. 70s in the morning, mid-90s for high. sigh.

  7. slksfca

    Had a busy night of dreams and I’m feeling all tuckered out. Hah!

    Skies here are almost cloudless, with temperature in the low 50s. Today’s high will reach about 60°F. Hoping to meet my buddy L for a beer or two later on at the neighborhood pub. He’s not working at the moment so has ample time for such civilized pursuits. 🙂

  8. Jk2003

    63 going to mid 70s today.  Chance of storms. Allergies in full gear so some rain would be nice to tamp down the pollen.  

    Took my daughter on a dinner date last night.  Just the two of us.  We wore dresses and everything.  She was thrilled and our waiter was so sweet to her.  Good times!

  9. bfitzinAR

    so it’s hit and miss to get over here but at least I can check in (2-1/2 hours after I got to work and online).  Hope everyone has a stellar day (and good weekend since as usual I’ll be offline over the weekend and thusly unable to step up with candles, good wishes, or a (very little) bit of cash should the need arise).  {{{HUGS}}} bf

  10. slksfca

    Low clouds, which are really ocean fog that’s not at ground level. The sun is in hiding, and so am I. Off to lie down for awhile, and maybe the sun will be back later for my walk.

  11. Pam from Calif

    Cold day again; yes I know I’m a weather wimp. Having days in the 80s one week and low 60s to 50s the next is not fun. The sun is fighting with the clouds.  


    Doris Day ~ Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps

  12. slksfca

    …to numbers that either didn’t answer or moved me to cheesy voicemail systems to schedule an initial screening/evaluation, I’ve found a MMJ clinic which accepts walk-in patients. And it’s just a block away from an appointment I have downtown on Monday morning. So that’s what I’ll be doing first thing next week. Wish me luck!

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