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Minnesota House Passes Marriage Equality!

I was watching the Minnesota House of Representatives debate their Marriage Equality bill, and it passed!  75 Yeas to 59 Nays.  The Minnesota Senate is expected to take up the bill on Monday, and from everything I’ve read it’s expected to pass there.  Governor Mark Dayton has said he will sign the bill when it passes.  Minnesota would become the 12th State (13th jurisdiction) to legalize marriage equality.  The tide is definitely turning.


  1. Avilyn

    listening to the debate.  The crowd in the capitol now is chanting “Thank You” over and over.  

    Excuse me, I seem to have gotten something in my eyes.

  2. HappyinVT

    Is it Delaware where there is also a bill under consideration? And where I believe a legislator came out as a lesbian during said debate.

  3. BREAKING: Minnesota House Passes Marriage Equality

    Openly lesbian Rep. Karen Clark (DFL), author of the bill, told her colleagues that “Freedom means freedom for everyone.” With her support, the House unanimously adopted an amendment by Rep. David FitzSimmons (R) changing all references to “marriage” in the state law to “civil marriage.” An amendment by Rep. Tim Kelly (R) to replace all Minnesota marriages with civil unions was rejected, 22 to 111.

  4. sricki

    It will be a long time yet before many parts of the country come around (**cough** my state/region **cough**), but we are gradually moving forward.

    Here’s to the evolution of our nation’s thinking and the efforts of those who are making a real, positive difference.  

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