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Don’t forget to let your peeps know where you are.

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For those that are new to the Purple, I would like to welcome you. Have fun taking a look around and checking out the your new digs. If you are an established Moose, pull up a ray of sunshine and grab a cuppa whatever type of java or non java that suits your mood.

Morning Check In’s are for hanging out and visiting, gossiping, asking questions, and sharing. Please keep in mind that comments do not auto refresh. You have to click the refresh/reload on your tab to see new ones.

Morning Check In photos are hover ready. Place your cursor over the photo to see the additional rich layers of delicious sarcasm and irony added for your pleasure. Occasional puns are added for no extra charge.

Also keep in mind that fierces don’t get you mojo. Being well behaved and following the golden rule does. The golden rule is very simple. “Be excellent to each other… or else”.

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Morning Check In’s are also a good place to make a great second impression. My best piece of advice to those in this category is to leave the past in the past.

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Feel free to introduce yourself or ask any questions you have in the comments. No reason to be shy.

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  1. Khloe

    52 degrees with an expected high of 72 in beautiful scenic Bay City, Michigan.

    Sorry about posting late this morning. I’m going to have to return to work for a few more hours. There are some problems that need my expertise. Feel free to hang out and have some fun.

     photo catmayhem.jpg

  2. trs

    The shop has power!! It was hooked up during the week. I tested everything in the wiring, and all is well. Made it nice, we had tunes while iriti and I finished painting the shop (I have a stereo in there that I can hook my iPod up to).

    Here’s a photo of the exterior

    Shop doors with finish

    Still need to get rock for grading the area around the shop (going to bring the rock up to about midway on the rim joist), build a ramp at the door (that’ll wait until I raise the floor 6″), and put gutters on the shop. Here’s a closer look at the finished doors – which I think came out pretty well


  3. It’s 50° and heading to low 70s. Right now we have fog, a result of almost 3 inches of rain the last couple of days. When it clears a little we’ll walk.

    How to make the “degree” mark? Use “& deg ;” with no spaces.

    Last night the BEST THING happened before we went to sleep!! NO, not that! We heard the barred owls!! CLOSE to the house! It had been months without them nearby; then a couple of weeks ago I heard one in the distance in the middle of the night. This is the first time in months they’ve been near, and man were they noisy! A couple of them having a very important talk. Then again this morning we heard one, also.

    For more bird fun, this morning we’ve seen the white-capped sparrow, the little wren entering its house, Baltimore orioles, and rose-breasted grosbeaks.

    Really, how could a day start better than that?

  4. Jk2003

    Happy cinco de mayo.  It is a gorgeous sunny morning.  Going up to 72 degrees.  Perfect.  

    There is a parade in the city that I am trying to get my husband interested in.  The kids deserve something other than working on the house today.

  5. DavidW

    Opened the door at 5am and Frank went barreling out after a possum that was lurking around. That woke all of us up. Me, the possum and Frank. Then I was kicking a ball around at the park for Frank to chase and reached over with my foot to tap what I thought was a hamburger bun someone had left for the birds only to see it fly off since it actually was a bird. Enough surprises from nature for the day, which looks to be clear and in the 80’s here is south Florida.

  6. ceriboo

    Sunny but cool here in the New River Valley. Hubs and I are supposed to see Iron Man 3 today although a close friend of his described it as “RDJ’s ‘Batman & Robin”.  I was going to be treated so sushi afterwards but went a little nuts at the grocery store yesterday, so instead I’m making enchiladas for dinner. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

    I also scored a six of Victory Brewing Co’s “Headwinds” which is the only IPA I’ve ever really liked.  :squee:

    Anyone who got to go to Maryland Sheep & Wool this weekend, I’m totally jealous of you.

  7. Nurse Kelley

    It’s kind of a cloudy day this morning, going up to 48° before some afternoon thundershowers.

  8. Getting coffee down trying to wake up fully before tackling the idiots in Indiana who ignored the fact that I clearly stated that the estimates on my brother’s Army pay were based on previous forms since we didn’t receive one this year because my lawyer couldn’t be bothered to get a small estate form to me until after tax day so the Defense Department could finish Mike’s paperwork. Indiana accepted to income figure but rejected the State tax paid figure and wants me to pay twice. Idiots! I’m sending a letter and an amended form which takes out the Army pay and they now owe me.

    Today’s picture is Call of the Wild.

    Call of the Wild photo CalloftheWild4_zpsdd6de3a3.jpg

  9. wordsinthewind

    in the desert, my favorite weather to wake up to. Grace is making good progress with her puppy training and our old dog also seems to be finding some peace with the idea that the pup is here to stay. Can’t say I blame her for feeling like she does, after all it was her universe until someone brought a puppy home.  

  10. slksfca

    Good morning from the West Coast. Cooler weather today. I just hope it’s not windy. 🙂

  11. My main delight: a catbird! I do love them. No one sings more beautifully. We usually have them behind our house. Good to know they are back in town.  

  12. princesspat

    Such days are rare so trying to enjoy every moment of sunshine before the rains come again can be exhausting! I resisted temptation at the garden shop yesterday, but I woke up with a planting plan in mind so no restraint today.  

  13. slksfca

    So quiet, I can hear the crickets. ;-p

    Hope everyone has an enjoyable Sunday. Me, I’m off to lie down for awhile and do some reading on my Kindle. TTFN!

  14. Lightbulb

    Found some awesome books at a church sale. I think I’m going to stay home and hang around today.

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