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Today’s funny:

[Senator Ted] Cruz is the Glenn Beck of the United States Senate, promoting new conspiracy theories just as easily as Mr. Beck adds new names to his chalkboard.

George Soros leads a global conspiracy to abolish the game of golf.

Islamic law threatens the United States.

Communists infiltrated Harvard Law School.

Plus bonus Yertle McTurtle jocularity!

And, from the “why the frak not?” department…

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  1. Mets102

    that demand to see the President’s birth certificate and claim it’s forged when they do, but they support someone born in Canada (granted, he’s a natural born citizen because his mother was a citizen at the time of his birth) to be the next president.

  2. bfitzinAR

    I came looking for Jan’s diary but had to stop in and visit this.  Keep up the good work.  🙂

  3. iriti

    But seriously Bubba (yeah, I know, why am I being serious in a HAHAHAHA diary?) No-one, and by that I mean exactly no-one in the known universe, is flakier than Beck when it comes to CT. Glenn Beck is an alien planted amongst us to blow up our minds with the sheer outlandishness of his CT. (See! It’s contagious!) Cruz is just a wimpy wannabee.

    The diary, on the other hand, is just grand. Thanks!

  4. princesspat

    Thanks for the perspective check…..the stoopid has been making me gloomy. It’s much better to laugh.

  5. LeftOverFlowerChild

    I have so missed these diaries. About spewed tea over the unicorn and rainbow Obama. See I knew he was real! Thanks again for a much needed giggle!

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