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For those that are new to the Purple, I would like to welcome you. Have fun taking a look around and checking out the your new digs. If you are an established Moose, pull up a ray of sunshine and grab a cuppa whatever type of java or non java that suits your mood.

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Morning Check In’s are also a good place to make a great second impression. My best piece of advice to those in this category is to leave the past in the past.

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Feel free to introduce yourself or ask any questions you have in the comments. No reason to be shy.

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  1. Khloe

    61 is our expected high today. If it looks like spring, and smells like spring, it must be spring(I hope).

    A Sunday morning earworm to help you through your day.

     photo dogshineshineonarainyday.jpg

  2. I got distracted by something shiney …

    It is 40 degrees here and expected to get to … HOLY MACKERAL … 71 degrees!!! First 70 degree weather this year. Spring is here just in time to celebrate May arriving on Wednesday (which will welcome woozles woohoo!).

    Yesterday it got to 65 degrees but it was a cold 65 and did not feel inviting so I stayed inside.

    So can’t someone be cute and cause mischief? It seems like a difficult decision to force on someone.

  3. It’s 50 degrees already, heading into low 70s.

    Yesterday was a lost day, between the migraine and multiple naps, and then the AFROTC dinner last night. I can’t brag about accomplishing anything at all, other than sorting through my underwear and throwing away 3 bras and a sock.

    The dinner was nice, much too long. Much too long. Food was decent, coffee was undrinkable. Cadets were funny and touching.

    There are about 50 students in the detachment, and not quite half of them are women. And they are spectacular. Five students won LARGE scholarships, worth about $18k including tuition and stipends. All five were women. These are competitive on academics, leadership, activities, and fitness. All five were women.

    Fortunately the venue is only a 10 minute drive from our house, so we were home and in bed by 10:30.

    As for today, Jim and I will take a walk this morning. I will FINISH sewing my little churndash blocks today (Oh yes I WILL!) and … uh, I dunno. Maybe clean my bedroom. And make some lists.

    It’s not a very ambitious plan, but that means it’s probably doable.

    Have a great day!

  4. wordsinthewind

    here in the desert, bright blue skies and no wind yet. We went to visit our friends yesterday afternoon so the puppy could have someone to play with. Our friends have the perfect party place with a nice cement floor and they like our pup so are very tolerant of the “accidents”. And their dog who could never get our old dog to play is having so much fun teaching Grace how to tear around and chase or be chased. We watch them and laugh, country fun at its best.  

  5. trs

    however, I did point out the top lol to Kidlet, who was watching NCIS at the time. The lol definitely worked for her…

  6. A tree in Wisconsin is photographed in different light, seasons and in close ups.

    A Photographer And His Friend, ‘That Tree’

    Mark Hirsch is a 52-year-old photojournalist who happens to be friends with a tree – specifically, a towering bur oak on the edge of a cornfield in southwest Wisconsin. This unique relationship began on March 23, 2012, when Hirsch photographed the tree with his new iPhone, during a particularly impressive sunset. That test of new technology turned into a yearlong documentation.

  7. At the moment it is a kind of misty rain but we are being told it might turn into heavy rain. Oh goodie. Pixie can watch the lake form in our parking lot. 😉

    Got a real sweet message over at GOS from someone who I may mentor on his first diary. He checked out my website and wanted to let me know that he loves my art work and that I have a new fan. Made my day.

    I have been spending time getting things up on my two selling accounts in hopes of getting some badly needed income.

    You can find merchandise with my artwork on my Zazzle account:

    You can find prints of my artwork on my Fine Arts America account:

    Picture of the day is Foggy Mountain Dew in honor of the weather but the sky isn’t really that colorful here. 😉

    Foggy Mountain Dew photo FoggyMountainDew_zps4a51f2f6.jpg

  8. slksfca

    The sun is just now rising here into mostly clear skies, with only a few wisps of fog. A mild afternoon in store, in the mid-60s.

    Have a groovy Sunday, peeps!

  9. There was a fantastic hashtag on the twitters this last couple of days in response to a person mocking the idea of white privilege called #Blackprivilege.

    I found it highly ironic that at the same time people somewhere else were begging yet again for our allies to stop using racist imagery and getting a fight over it.

    If anyone gives a damn, I used to tag comments to those people as “permanent ignore” I did it so that there would be an easily searchable foot print of the tactics of harassment of Black voice.  I also did it knowing no one at that place would actually look.  You could tell I caught HRs by the same people over a period of years, again if you were actually interested in racial justice and not just shutting up Black people.

    A man that can’t even run a blog without race riots thinks he can advice the President of these United States.  It is to laugh


  10. I rock hashtags

    #blackprivilege Getting petted by White people cause our hair is so interesting.

    #blackprivilege Having people with accents from all over the world telling us to go back to Africa.

    #blackprivilege Giving up constitutional protection when we ask for police service.

    blackprivilege Being forced to call people who held you in bondage as Founding Father

    #blackprivilege Welcoming every Chechen or Dagestani or anybody with non visible veins into the race when they commit a crime

    #blackprivilege Being Black when you’re a Prisoner with a White Moms but half white when you’re a President with one.

    #blackprivilege Remembering when MTV wouldn’t play Black acts while having to answer why there is a BET

    #blackprivilege Having a branch of your family tree ripped off cause the Klan got them.

    #blackprivilege Losing a deal when the phone voice and the Black face don’t match.

    #blackprivilege Being told to forget about slavery the same week as Passover.

    #blackprivilege Having a school teacher afraid of your 7 year old son.

    #blackprivilege Having your name criticized as ethnic by someone named Biff

    #blackprivilege Having a US Senator go to one of your most prestigious institutions of learning  to tell you how the NAACP was formed

    #blackprivilege Losing a generational neighborhood every time they build a new sports stadium or need to expand a freeway.

    #blackprivilege A liquor store on every corner but a 5 mile hike to buy celery.

    #blackprivilege Getting to hear the “content of ones character” quote over and over and over and over and over and over and over and

    #blackprivilege Being afraid to go out when a psycho killer of your race is on the loose because of Police not the psycho killer

    #blackprivilege Being completely disregarded when Southern heritage is discussed.

    #blackprivilege Being told by others how you should react to your pain.

    #blackprivilege Earning billions of dollars for the NCAA for an education that could end with one broken leg.

    #BlackPrivilege To have no questions asked of you by the Gallup Corporation.

    #BlackPrivilege Provide 85%+ of an electorate for a generation to a party then not be referred to as the base.

    #BlackPrivilege To name the children that 2 lifetimes ago were sold from our breasts any combination of syllables we choose.

    #BlackPrivilege Being too afraid of live cops to care about imaginary drones.

    #BlackPrivilege Explaining that melanin is not a superpower that keeps skin from burning when applying sun screen.

    It was scary how easily these things flowed from me.  I’ve done enough warning about how pissed  I see people at this point I just think Ima sit back and watch.

  11. We have a number of different routes we can walk in our neighborhood, and usually we walk about 2 miles. This morning was full of birdsong. We saw a flicker working on digging a hole in a tree, blackbirds decorated with their brilliant red epaulets, blue-winged teals paired in the pond. Blue jays, cardinals, robins, crows, downy woodpecker… Actually I didn’t see the cardinal but heard it.

    Having more coffee now. That’s not really a good idea for me, but… it tastes good, so I’ll risk it.

    Son is gone most of the day. We get the leftovers of his time.

  12. pittiepat

    by the floods and hail.  It was Houston’s turn last night and most of the city got large hail and massive street flooding.  Not an unusual event, at least in past years, but since the drought years, folks just got used to not getting as much rainfall.  I can remember years when we had 100 year floods almost every year so you got used to it.  In 35 years of living there, I cannot remember a single time of hail like that.

  13. they showed a video made by 2nd year students poking fun at the seniors.

    One of the seniors, of course, is Son in IA. He was portrayed by another young man, who gave a very good impression even this mother laughed at.

    One scene showed the students in class, most of them messing around, dozing, talking to each other. Son sat upright in front, attentive. The scene went on showing passage of time, the other students becoming less and less engaged in the class, Son still sitting as he’d been. Then the colonel entered the classroom and ONE person snapped to standing attention, while the others were still trying to figure out what happened. Yes, it was Son.

    Yeah, I know that’s a had-to-be-there description, had-to-know my son, but it was actually really funny, given those parameters.

    He is compliant with rules but he’s also very smart. The combination will suit him well as a pilot.  

  14. DTOzone

    heading to Europe to try to make it there. He had said he wanted to do it for years, so he’s quitting his job, moving there and see what comes around there.

    Naturally, I’m gonna miss him and I’m kinda of heartbroken about it. Trying to be supportive – and I am – but I feel like I’m losing a big part of me.

  15. slksfca

    Went just after 12 noon (the market closes at 1PM for some reason) and the pie stall was sold out of boysenberry pies. At that point I should have said “It’s just as well,” but I went ahead and got a blueberry pie instead.

    It’s a pleasant pie, but without the ZING of last week’s boysenberry offering. Not tart enough, though there’s plenty of blueberry flavor. And the crust is just as tasty as last week’s pie.

    One good thing is that perhaps I’ll be able to make this pie last through the week. The boysenberry was devoured by Tuesday. 🙂

  16. wordsinthewind

    we’re watching the weather and feeling hopeful. There was a brief spattering of big ole raindrops, what the locals call a three inch rain. Those big drops were about three inches apart. Smells nice though even if the humidity is staying around 15%. There is a big storm building up in the right direction that could charge over here before it drops its moisture. Grace got another shower which seemed to be a bit of a learning moment as well, puppies really kinda stink and she likes laps so she might as well get used to them now. She has a splendid spirit and interestingly enough answers to Grace and not Gracie. Already with the dignity, I think she’ll be a wonderful companion.

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