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This week has been one hell of a ride.  From the terrible events on Monday to the explosion in Texas to the flood in Illinois (and a little bit in my basement).  Add to it my mothers excisional biopsy and the little fact that we are moving on Monday and I will tell you I am not sleeping well.  I am not eating well either.  Thank goodness for my kids who can always make me laugh.  I have leaned on them for some joy this week.  

By early next week we will be moved out and in and  the results of moms biopsy will be known.  The rest we will just have to wait and see.  

So, anyone have anything to share?  I would just love some happy news.


  1. wordsinthewind

    it’s been a better week and my hands are healing up finally. The new puppy has been really cheerful too, but that’s about the extent of good news. I called in the county inspector on my neighbor so I’ve got that whole mess stopped in its tracks and they can now only do it right since the inspector has already cited them. I think maybe they don’t understand that it’s GOOD fences that make good neighbors.

  2. Very busy with a number of things today and this weekend, and have been busier than usual for a few weeks. However it is with good stuff, not bad, for the most part.

    Not sure I can come with actual HAPPY news. Son is done with his thesis other than minor revisions. He will defend it a week from today. His graduation is 5/17 and commissioning is 5/18. Those things are not really “news” at this point, but we’re happy about them.

    I put some very ordinary updates in the morning check-in. I have some cleaning and laundry done, have groceries, didn’t hit the dog with the car, picked the chicken and cut veggies for tomorrow’s soup, ground the ham and made my ham salad… The week has been so extraordinary, the normalcy in my life is reassuring.

    On the other hand, the car won’t be fixed until late Monday, so Son will get home Tuesday instead of tomorrow. That’s a little disappointing for me, and he is not happy about it. But really, if that’s the worst thing that happens…

  3. it is … not as flavorful as I would expect. It is ground ham, mayo, a little mustard, a little relish, pepper. I don’t want to add much of anything, but not sure what to do to make its flavor a little more interesting.

  4. slksfca

    …I’m beginning to learn that getting back to “normal” might be more difficult than I’d anticipated. I’m feeling better every day, mostly, but I need to shake myself out of the old attidude that there are so many things I can’t do. (There ARE, but far fewer than during the whole last year.)

    I need to push myself to do things. I think that’s the only way I can build my stamina and energy level.

    So, it’s basically good news, but with some challenges. 🙂

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