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Be sure and let your peeps know where to find you.

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For those that are new to the Purple, I would like to welcome you. Have fun taking a look around and checking out the your new digs. If you are an established Moose, pull up a Bassett lounger and grab a cuppa whatever type java suits your mood.

Morning Check In’s are for hanging out and visiting, gossiping, asking questions, and sharing. Please keep in mind that comments do not auto refresh. You have to click the refresh/reload on your tab to see new ones.

Morning Check In photos are hover ready. Place your cursor over the photo to see the additional rich layers of delicious sarcasm and irony added for your pleasure. Occasional puns are added for no extra charge.

Also keep in mind that fierces don’t get you mojo. Being well behaved and following the golden rule does. The golden rule is very simple. “Be excellent to each other… or else”.

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Morning Check In’s are also a good place to make a great second impression. My best piece of advice to those in this category is to leave the past in the past.

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Feel free to introduce yourself or ask any questions you have in the comments. No reason to be shy.

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  1. Khloe

    36 degrees, with an expected high of 40 whole degrees! Rain and snow will be passing through my little town today. The flood warning continues, with no end date given yet.

    A Saturday morning earworm to get you through your day.

     photo catchickentoride.jpg

  2. Khloe

    phone at work this morning. I have to go back to get it and do some grocery shopping this morning. Most of you will be sleeping through this. I’ll be back in a bit.

     photo cat404.jpg

    Notice the prominent 4’s in this photo.

  3. DeniseVelez

    that’s a new word for me 🙂

    38 atm – going up to 64 grey day, overcast and rain probably later on.  

    Later am going out to do a bulb walk – when we moved here years ago we bought sacks of mixed bulbs and planted them willy-nilly all around the property.  In the ensuing years they have spread and it’s nice to find clumps of color in unexpected places – breaking the monotony of dead leaves on the ground and bare branches above.

  4. 29 degrees here in NotMadison WI.

    Need to go power up my laptop to read the hovers. Thank goodness the puns are free this morning!

  5. I was hoping to sleep in some more but the arthritis is really bad this morning. There are more storms coming in and that always sets the arthritis off.

    The 404 picture reminds me of Pixie.

     photo UndercoverAgent_zps279378df.jpg

    One of my friends on Facebook heads a rock group in England called Anubis. They are working on a new album called Warlord and that inspired this picture called Out of the Flames. Pete really liked the picture and I’m hoping to be able to do some artwork in the future for them.

    Out of the Flames photo OutoftheFlames_zps925ebf15.jpg

  6. Jk2003

    34 degrees going to 48.  They keep using the word blustery for today’s weather.  Which is a great descriptive.  It reminds me of Winnie the Pooh.  We are packing the basement today.  

  7. anotherdemocrat

    50s  now, supposed to get close to 90, both days this weekend. Planning on riding my bike on the route to work, just to re-assure myself that I can. I think my schedule says I can ride to work on Wednesday-Friday next week & I want to.

    Right now, I’m watching Up. Steve’s doing ok. And MHP should be good today. Ok, I’ve gotta exercise at some point.

  8. wordsinthewind

    this morning with cloud cover although we are not expected to see rain, it’s been 93 days since we’ve had measurable moisture. The long range forecast shows us staying in a drought pattern which is worrisome for fires. Two years ago everything burned up out here, it was a scary time that I really don’t want to see again.  

  9. slksfca

    Today I woke up at a not-unreasonable hour (or half-hour: it was at 6:30) so there’s that to be grateful for. 🙂

    Weather is clear with just a couple of lazy cirrus feathers painting the morning sky with pinky goodness. Temperature: 50°F, with a high of 65°F downtown and 59°F out here closer to the beach. They’re saying wind will return soon. I hope not.

    Best weekend wishes to all!

  10. GlenThePlumber

    prefect for this weekend’s events…first we are going to an OFA gun violence rally…then on the way home we will stop and trade in TLO’s bike for the next size up…found a place that sells used bikes and takes trade-ins…but it would still be easier if she would just stop growing.

    also need to plant some veggies…we spread our homemade compost last weekend.

    then tomorrow…Sunday Streets in SF..!!

    peace..!!..and good morning.

  11. princesspat

    That’s why the moss is a vivid green, and why and our family lunch today will be on the covered porch at our son’s house. I’m going to attempt a gluten free version of the oven fried chicken I used to make…..with buttermilk and gf bread crumbs instead of the beer batter I used to use. Seems the gluten intolerance is here to stay so I need to get more serious about cooking with it….

  12. Broke and Unemployed

    There’s a telemarketing scam right now where they call and say they’re from “Cardholder services” and want to “lower my interest rate.” They would bother me every day.

    I haven’t had a credit card since 2002, so I hit “9” to get taken off the list. Next day, they always call back.

    Eventually I start hitting “1” to talk to a person. I’m nice at first. “Look, I don’t use credit cards. I don’t want to waste your time, so just take me off the list. I’m not really in the market…” {click}. Dude just hangs up on me. Calls back the next day.

    Whenever I say “take me off the list” they hang up immediately. One time I said “Do you think it’s professional behavior to just hang up on people?” Dude replies “Yes. {click}”

    800notes is a great crowdsourced website to get information on bill collectors and telemarketers, so I did some research. The callers are better than most at covering their tracks, but I finally traced them to an office in Wilmington, Delaware with a Google Streetview and everything.

    So they call again. So I say “How’s things in Wilmington?”

    “Excuse me?”

    “You know, your office in Wilmington, on xxx road. You guys should know you’re all over social media. Occupy Philly and Occupy DC are planning a big protest there next week. I hope you’re ready.”

    {Long Pause}….. then {click}

    But they didn’t call me again for 3 months! Hah!

    And I hope anyone here from Occupy isn’t offended. But these callers are scamming consumers so I figured Occupy probably wouldn’t mind this little name drop.

  13. nchristine

    Wonder what that is?!?!?!?!

    Work may be about to get seriously interesting and possibly not in a good way.  Someone coded something and it kinda worked.  Someone then made a sloppy/half assed ‘fix’ that appears to give the correct results at this time.  However, if anything changes to the table that’s trying to be read, all hell might break loose.  As in it might have the potential of going all the way up to the Board of Directors and the SEC.  It is my opinion that there a few programs and a shitload of data files that need serious analysis and rewrites.  What a way to start your new job…..

  14. slksfca

    …it’s pretty much what I’m seeing from my back porch today. The line of green is Golden Gate park, and the fog in the distance is obscuring the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin County beyond.

     photo Golden_Gate_fog.jpg

  15. JG in MD

    I may finally have a clue about my graphics problem. I’ve moaned endlessly that my WinXP antique software, called Photosuite (not to be confused with any modern “Photosuite” program) doesn’t work with Win 7.

    My utter inability to use modern software for pictures may be due to interfaces that require me to translate things like hue – 127 – 128 and gamma bright 0.1 – 5.0 into photo manipulation. For me, this is totally impossible.

    Photosuite, as I recall, let me work without having to leap a chasm from my left brain to my right. The interface probably used icons and WISIWYG (do they say that any more?) or something like that.

    I figured it out… I figured it out… with a pencil and a pad I figured it out… just five years from today… Where did that come from?  

  16. ChurchofBruce

    I got hit last Wednesday–guy ran a stop sign and plowed into me. I was fine, but my car was totaled. And since it was an old car with a lot of mileage, I knew I was going to be buying another old car with lots of mileage, because I wasn’t going to get much 🙂

    So, I did–it’s a 2001 Saab with 150K miles on it, but I LOVE it. It’s in much better shape than my Alero was. It’s even got far more amenities 🙂

  17. Thursday we had a fairly strong solar flare with the thing pointing right us.  the ACE spacecraft have detected the first bump of it’s arrival meaning tonight will most likely bring auroras down nice and low.  So. Cal man here still won’t see any but I’d love to hear if anyone in the herd does.

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