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After another week in the weeds I am back with this weeks installment.  Hope you have some time to chat and let us all know what is up with you.  We are here to lend an ear or a hand when you need it and to cheer for you when you have a success (of any size).

This week has been a trying one for my family.  My mother – the healthiest 66 year old I know – had a wonky mammogram.  The ultrasound showed “something” and so a needle biopsy was performed.  These samples came back normal but the surgeon is not comfortable leaving it so whatever it is will be completely excised and sent for pathology next Thursday.  Mom is handling it as well as possible.  She was actually more stressed out by the normal results as I think she had spent the week preparing herself mentally and when the results were not what she was expecting it threw her for a loop.  She sounded more calm this morning when I spoke with her.  

She is just like her mother.  She dreads the doctor because she dreads bad news and loss of control.  Her sister is currently being treated for breast cancer so she has had a front row seat for what may be her future.  Luckily, we are all here, we all get along and she has a lovely dog to help comfort her whatever the results from next weeks surgery may be.  Waiting another week sucks though.  

Okay, rant over.  What is up with all of you Moose?  Lemme have it.  On what are you ruminating this week?


  1. Nurse Kelley

    I’ve had a number of x-rays and scans that revealed “incidental findings” that are costing me a fortune to investigate, not to mention the resulting moments of fear.

    It started two years ago with a CT-scan to rule out a PE. That radiologist noted a small nodule in one of my lungs, probably nothing more than a peanut inhaled during my college drinking days, but I had to have additional CT-scans every six months to make sure it wasn’t growing in size.

    Recently I had some barium swallow x-rays. That idjit noted “borderline cardiomegaly”, sending me off to the cardiologist to find out if, indeed, my heart is enlarged. It is not, but I get to pay for the EKG and echocardiogram all the same.

    Next there was the report following an abdominal CT: “There is subsegmental atelectasis at the lung bases.” Really? My lungs are partially collapsed? Fortunately, Dr. Google put that to rest by telling me the most common reason for that finding is the patient taking a shallow breath … like when lying flat in the scanner while someone injects radioactive iodine.

    My latest scan was an MRI to look at my neck, which is pinching the occipital nerve. I was unnerved, but not surprised, to read that there is a “cyst or nodule” on my thyroid gland. Yep, thyroid ultrasound has been ordered.

    This is a roundabout way of saying I think your mother is probably fine. Radiologists have a mantra, “better safe than sued”.  

  2. slksfca

    They’re tearing up the street in front of my building to replace gas pipelines. The work needs to be done, as I’m sure the pipes in place date back to the ’20s or ’30s. But I don’t have to enjoy the noise, which is making everything in my apartment rattle. Even my monitor, for some reason, is rattling.

    I have no REAL complaints at the moment, so I have to glom on to petty inconveniences like this in order to keep myself grounded. Hah!

  3. wordsinthewind

    with my hands. They broke out like crazy and then a couple of joints started swelling and are inflamed and painful. I’m not very happy not being able to use my hands and mr w is really getting tired of doing dishes. I’m going to have to go to the dr. now and that doesn’t help my mood much either since as you can imagine the good ones have little interest in this remote area and I have less in traveling for medical care.

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