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Well, after a one week break, I am back with your spot to tell us all about what is bugging you, what is making you happy, whatever.  

It has been a very quick week for me.  The home selling and buying process is quickly devolving into silly season with lawyers and first time buyers buying our house who are FREAKED out.  I remember it being a scary big step but I don’t remember being quite as flaky as these people seem to be.  I am told their financing is looking good though, so that is all I care about.  Fingers crossed.

So everybody….On what are you ruminating this week?


  1. Jk2003

    Worked out this morning and spent the morning outside in the sun with the kids.  Vent your frustrations here, you cannot bring me down.  : )

  2. Yes, the most important thing is that they will BUY THE HOUSE! Hoping that goes smoothly for you.

    The sun does make things better all of a sudden, doesn’t it? It’s already 54 here today, highest it’s been all year, I think. I did an errand — groceries. People seemed to be in a good mood. Coincidence? I think not.

    My mood is fine after struggling with it, off and on, all week. Monday was crappy and I felt icky, too. Tuesday/Wed better. Yesterday and today fine, for the most part.

    Sunday we travel to see Jim’s extended family. I’m never too excited to go, and usually not real glad we did. But it’s the thing to do … and so we do. I think this year we should skip the Thanksgiving party. (please please please…)

  3. slksfca

    I have no valid complaints this week, dammit. Feeling better and better, and yesterday I graduated from crutches to a cane (on a provisional basis – and so far, so good).

    I’m even sleeping more normal hours finally. Only problem with that, if I have to dig up a problem, is that I’ve gotten really fond of my long daytime naps. But now I’m feeling less need for them, which is really a healthy thing.

    Am also enjoying this fine spring day here on the coast. Life at the moment is very good indeed!

    BTW, my fingers are crossed for you as well, for a smooth transaction! 🙂

  4. iriti

    I continue to ruminate about the job situation. If your boss decides she wants to make you go away, she can. It’s that simple.

    Her latest counseling with me? I wrote an e-mail to a co-worker saying ‘It looks like you changed this order and there’s xxx issue with it. Can you check into it please? Thanks,’ and my name.

    She would rather I had said ‘It looks like the order was changed’ because ‘It looks like you changed the order’ sounds too accusatory.

    Seriously, anything written in active vs. passive voice is to aggressive for her.

    This is the constant crap I’m up against.

  5. Nurse Kelley

    Here are a few useful things I learned while talking to a wise allergist:

    The non-sedating antihistamines (Claritin/loratadine, Zyrtec/cetirizine, and Allegra/fexofenadine) work differently in different people and for different allergens. If one of them isn’t working for you, try another.

    If you still have breakthrough symptoms in spite of using a non-sedating antihistamine, you can “layer” Benadryl/diphenhydramine on top of your regular antihistamine. The usual cautions about the sedating effects of Benadryl still apply, only more so.

    If you’ve been exposed to sources of pollen, don’t sit around the house making yourself sick. Take a shower, wash your hair, change your clothes, and rinse your nose with a neti pot.

    My ‘puter automatically updated to the new version of IE last night, and guess what? My comment recs “stick” with one click! Woo-hoo!

    Good luck with your buyers. Can you pass their angst off to the realtors, or do you have to respond to them?

  6. wordsinthewind

    except my skin broke out in two distinct syndromes, never had that happen before. I’ve had both before but only one at a time. The treatment is mostly the same so I’m just quietly freaking out over ingesting corticosteroids again and hoping for the best. It’s been so dry even our dog is having skin problems, hers looks to be clearing up faster than mine perhaps because it’s easier to change her diet.

  7. It got a late start due to user error technical problems with the crock pot. So we didn’t eat it Thursday.

    Last evening we had corned beef and some lovely potatoes that cooked with it.

    And tonight I’ll make Reuben sandwiches. And there are TWO MORE boxes of corned beef and potatoes in the freezer for other meals. I do love corned beef and I do love cooking ahead.  

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