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Motley Monday Check in and Mooselaneous Musings

Good morning Motley Meese! Hope your weekend was lovely. Remember to let your peeps know where you are!

Here’s today’s Motley Monday Shot of the Week. Right now I’ll be throwing in some favorites from my archives, but once the weather warms (assuming it ever does) I’ll post my week’s best shot.

 photo Monarchwaterdroplets.jpg

This photo was taken on a cold damp late Autumn day. The butterfly just crawled around on the bush and posed. It wasn’t until I looked at the shot that I realized what was going on. See the water droplets on the wings? The butterfly needed to dry out and the damp, overcast weather was keeping that from happening. It was gone in the afternoon when I came back by.

The morning check-in is an open thread and general social hour. Come back when time allows through the day – the conversation continues.

It’s traditional but not obligatory to give us a weather check where you are and let us know what’s new, interesting, challenging or even routine in your life lately. Nothing is particularly obligatory here except:

Always remember the Moose Golden (Purple?) Rule:

Be kind to each other… or else.

What could be simpler than that, right?

And now, on with the show…

 photo Mondaynew5_zpsff86ff53.jpg

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  1. iriti

    32 here in the Shenandoah Valley, headed for a high of 34… with about 3 or 4 inches of snow on the ground.


     photo Springnotfound_zps9d527a4c.jpg

  2. DeniseVelez

    in Saugerties NY.  It feels much colder – my downstairs furnace is blowing cold air – waiting to put in a call to my plumber – sigh.  At least we have heat upstairs (and my laptop)


  3. 25 degrees here, expected high of 37. I cannot FAIL anything so I just gave our spring a Meh.

    The sandhill cranes are back and this is what they sound like when I have my window open or I go outside. I think they are encountering ice on the waterways as depicted in the video. We have not had enough melting yet.

    (p.s. When people videotape wildlife, why do they insist on adding their own voices?)

  4. Khloe

    33 degrees with so new snow on the ground. I am grateful to those who didn’t share their fluffy white wealth. Headed to 37 today.

    I am headed to a meeting this morning. In this meeting, we will be told how bad we suck and how easily we can be replaced. The district guy will be there, but he will tell us how great he is. It couldn’t possibly be anything he is doing wrong. ::sigh::

     photo checkindick.jpg

  5. Ebby

    39 degrees and still dark out in the Armstrong Valley.  Off to work, but I’ll leave an offering for those still snowbound…

     photo crocus.jpg

    Spring WILL come!

  6. Diana in NoVa

    Good morning, Moosekind! We just awakened to the prettiest snowfall we’ve ever seen. Dearly Beloved took several photos, which I posted on Facebook–still don’t know how to do it here, I’m afraid.

    It’s a great day to stay inside and do all the chores I didn’t do this weekend, like laundry.  So long, gym, I won’t  get slim–not today, at any rate!

    Iriti, that’s one of the funniest cartoons I’ve ever seen!  Yes indeed, a HUGE spring “fail”!

    Hope everyone has a good day and also that the roads aren’t going to be too bad if you’re driving.

  7. nchristine

    Not much going on – Spring hasn’t arrived yet and we might get to ‘normal’ temps by the end of the week, maybe.  Getting a work morning routine sorted out.

    Iowa State lost its second round NCAA game against Ohio (State, I think) in a last second miracle shot.  Apparently there have been some spectacular upsets in the NCAA basketball tourney this year – yay – like when that happens!

  8. slksfca

    Currently 48°F in the city of San Francisco, set to rise to about 60°F this afternoon under mostly blue skies. Unexciting weather, but not unpleasant by any means.

    I stopped yesterday’s walk just short of the park because I was feeling slightly unsteady on my crutches, and figured it was better to quit while I was ahead. I might try again today, we’ll see.

    Fell asleep after dinner while watching the 6:00 news, and was out cold ’til midnight (after a day which included more than enough napping). That explains why I’m awake and rested at 5AM. I’m not seriously worried about my wacky sleep patterns, but I’m looking for things to fall into something like a normal pattern sometime soon.

    Best wishes to you all for the week ahead!

  9. dear occupant

    weather report isn’t much better here on the lakefront i’m afraid but at least there’s no snow, not yet anyway. 32 and not expected to get much higher,

    i’ll be enjoying it all right here in front of the ‘puter.

    here’s a winter antidote to look forward to.

     photo someflowers5-11006.jpg

    have a great day everyone!

  10. JG in MD

    Just… wow! My trees are covered with snow like they haven’t been for years. My camera isn’t working but take my word for it… wow!

    Oh… That snow they’ve been threatening us with since last November? We got it.  

  11. anotherdemocrat

    Eating breakfast (flax “granola” & blueberries) & playing on the intertubez.

    Thanks to 2 donations this weekend, I’ve made it over $1,000 raised for the Ride! Most years, I would be horrified, but this year, that is really good.

    It is much colder today – got down into the 30s, had to break out a coat & gloves. Texas weather – 80 on Saturday, nearly freezes Sunday night.

    Welcome to the working week.

  12. slksfca

    …here’s an image of spontaneous joy from my Photobucket. The occasion was the annual Dance-Along Nutcracker, a charity event here in San Francisco. 🙂

     photo Menintutus.jpg

  13. Jk2003

    We are back to less fitfull sleep since the great house sale/hunt is almost over.  The kids are gulping down breakfast then we are going to take my sons crib apart and move him into a big boy bed.  Library trip today plus a ton of phone calls to get this move jump started.  Have a great day.

    Oh, the weather?  Crappy.  Cloudy and mid thirties.  We got a dusting of snow.  Supposed to be in the fifties by Friday.  I’ll believe it when I see it.

  14. Jk2003

    We are back to less fitfull sleep since the great house sale/hunt is almost over.  The kids are gulping down breakfast then we are going to take my sons crib apart and move him into a big boy bed.  Library trip today plus a ton of phone calls to get this move jump started.  Have a great day.

    Oh, the weather?  Crappy.  Cloudy and mid thirties.  We got a dusting of snow.  Supposed to be in the fifties by Friday.  I’ll believe it when I see it.

  15. wordsinthewind

    we’re supposed to stay below 50 degrees today, that’s my cut-off for wearing long ‘uns because I am horrified by being cold. Mr w brought me a bunch of wool socks from a place in the hill country where they raise sheep and boy are they wonderful. If my feet aren’t cold the whole day is better.

  16. JG in MD

    landed on a long-abandoned wasp’s nest on the wall next to the balcony ceiling and pecked the nest and the bricks for a while. They s/he pecked at the throw on the chaise, picked up something from the concrete, flew away. Material for his/her own nest?

  17. slksfca

    …in my immediate neighborhood. There’s also Grand View Park, which lives up to its name and then some. At the top of a very steep hill about three or four blocks from me, it’s only reached by a rigorous climb, followed by over a hundred stairs. I won’t be able to walk there for quite awhile yet, but here’s a photo I took a couple of years ago, looking west to the Pacific. (The park actually has great 360° views, in every direction. Is that redundant?)

    GrandView-01 photo GrandView-01.jpg

  18. We had rain all weekend and the signs over the freeway warned of black ice this morning. An icy wind is blowing at the moment. No wonder my arthritis has gone into overdrive. Taking it easy for the rest of the day. Just found a DVD with eight Jackie Chan films five of which I’ve never seen for $4.00 over at Target. Will probably curl up on the couch and watch some today and hope the mega aspirin does something about the pain soon.

    Sailing Into the Sunset photo SailingIntotheSunset2_zps81b54575.jpg

  19. princesspat

    The deer will dine on pansies this week, and the squirrels will continue to dig up the primroses, thus giving me even more gardening fun! I’m determined to have some spring charm in the garden for Easter, and the critters are equally determined to munch on their own schedule…..

  20. slksfca

    …setting up for the day next door. Because the buildings are so close, they keep bumping against my bedroom wall very loudly for some reason.

    I think they’re at the painting stage, so the amount of noise is surprising, unless it has to do with setting up/dismantling (or moving) the scaffolding. And I can’t look out the window to see, because I blacked-out the window facing next door a long time ago as my only response to the neighbors leaving their light on all night long, which shone directly into my bedroom.

  21. bfitzinAR

    17 mph cold wind.  Spring visited us a couple of weeks ago and then decided to visit Jamaica or something because we haven’t seen her since.  Woohoo!  Spring honey, it’s time to come home. 🙂 Someday I swear I will get internet at home.  Being away from the meese for 3 whole days now that I’ve found them was really hard.  I may go visit some of the weekend diaries just to see who was doing what when.  Y’all take care, bf  

  22. LeftOverFlowerChild

    I’m not digging this new plan mother nature is throwing around. We had glorious weather for several days and now we’re back to cold temps. 31 this morning when we woke up, 44 right now and suppose to get to a high of 55 at some point. Tonight there’s another freeze warning, I do hope my pear tree is going to be okay.

    Woke up in a crabby tabby mood this morning. Not sure why, most likely it’s weather related. No aches and pains just a gloomy mood today. One of those I may rise but that whole shine thing–forget about it! Eh, a nap and some tea afterwards usually helps..

    Happy Monday y’all, hope your day goes well!  

  23. slksfca

    …for another fun morning in Moosetopia. You all brighten my days, and this morning has been no exception.

    Now I’m off to elevate my leg for awhile, then get psyched up for a short walk. 🙂

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