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Pootie Update; Still Losing Weight

Some of you may remember my earlier diaries, worried about my pootie Fudge:

She had lost a lot of weight, and I got a lot of excellent advice in the First Diary along with some additional advice & lab results in the Second Diary

Now we have the lab results back from Fudge’s followup visit on Thursday to recheck her kidney enzymes.  Here’s the results:

The BUN went down, from 56 to 50.  The Creatinine went down also, from 5.1 to 3.3.  Both are still high and outside the normal range, although they have improved.  Monday should bring the results of the Urine culture & analysis to see if there is any lingering infection.  Unfortunately, her weight was also down about 3/4 of a pound in a month.

The vet recommended Pepcid (1/4 a pill once a day), and switching from a water bowl to a water fountain, and increasing from 1 litter box to 2 or 3, all open rather than domed.  Once we get the results of the urine culture on Monday, we’ll find out if we need to put her back on antibiotics or not; and if not, when they want to see her for the next follow-up.

I do worry that her brother, DarkChocolate, is eating some of her food when we’re not around – he gobbles his down right away, whereas Fudge is more of a grazer; and while I’ve tried to give her varieties that he snubs (he doesn’t like gravy, for instance), once she’s eaten most of the gravy away, I have caught him once or twice eating out of her dish.  I’m not sure how to prevent it though, since she is a grazer – if I take her dish away so he can’t eat from it, she can’t either.  Not sure what to do other than to keep trying to find varieties he rejects completely, but it’s tough.


  1. Avilyn

    and I have a little housecleaning to do in preparation; so I’ll only be checking in off and on.  

  2. kishik

    I missed all of this, Avilyn!!!  It sounds like at least you have somewhat of a diagnosis, with some remedies.  That must be a relief.

    Beautiful tabby girl!!

  3. Nurse Kelley


    When I have a pootie dropping weight and not eating well, I can almost always get them to eat Gerber’s beef off my fingers. Because Fudge likes gravy, you can even thin it a bit with water or some tasty liquid off canned tuna. Mashed up sardines might appeal to Fudge, as well. Not eating gets dangerous for cats, who can develop fatty liver disease after as little as a day with no food, so while Fundge is sick think “calories” ahead of “balanced cat food”. She may get enough while you’re gone that you can make up the difference with something like Gerber’s when you’re there.

    Pepcid never worked for my kitties with kidney-related weight loss, but it’s widely recommended so  give it a try.

  4. Portlaw

    test will help in medications for her. Like Nurse K, I have also had luck with baby food. My cats liked lamb with gravy and I spoon fed them or rather had them lick from the spoon. Thinking of you

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