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Thursday Morning Check In: There’s No Snoozin’ for the Moozin’

Good Morning Purple People!


It’s time to wake yourselves up.

There’s no snoozin’ for the Moozin’.

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cassandracarolina and I will be hosting the

Thursday thread so scribble a few thoughts and

Make Sure Your Peeps Know Where You Are!

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We would like to welcome you if you are new to the

Moose. Feel free to walk around and check out your brand new

purpleiscious digs. You can post a comment, continue lurking,

(We see you out there)

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or try your hand at penning a diary,

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  1. cassandracarolina

    It’ll be a while before I see this, so consider it a weather prediction for changing skies.


  2. dear occupant

    geez, Tom says-‘Chicago’s frigid spring open the coldest in 48 years; Wednesday’s 25-degree high comes in 60-degrees below last year’s record-breaking 85 degrees’ i remember that day too, it was unbelievably warm for March.

    Today, not so much. :- /

     photo thCA2RF41Z.jpg

    i am sorry to say that this will be the last check in diary i’ll be able to host. Thursday has always been the most difficult day of the week with LittleO sleeping over, but the project i’m working on is taking more of my time and energy, as i hoped it would.

    thanks for the opportunity JanF and Mooz, it’s been a lot of fun.

    have a great day everyone!

  3. Khloe

    G’Mornin ((Dear Occupant and Cassandra Carolina)). 19 degrees with a wind chill of 7. Lake effect snow will be sliding in this afternoon. I will spend today trying to figure out how to turn the temperature up outside.

     photo catquarter.jpg

  4. DeniseVelez

    hah! Snow later today.

    I think that Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog must have dropped acid, since he predicted early spring.

    Off to classes in an hour – to have fun discussing superstitions.

    Thank you to DO and CC for your hosting.  

  5. ILS 27L

    It’s 55 headed for a showery mid 70s in the DFW metroplex.

    Work has been very busy…but I’m still here!

    Be excellent


  6. iriti

    Cold here and not getting much warmer. High in upper 30’s with a chance of snow showers.

    On the positive side, my photobucket has page numbers again!!! All is right with the world.

     photo demotivational-posters-its-dangerous-to-go-alone1.jpg

  7. Icy wind out there. Off to take niece to work and then grocery shopping. Trying to come up with recipes for the Corned Beef. I’m thinking of trying a fried rice with corned beef today.

    I’m redoing the art wall in the living room. My Yin-Yang will be going up since the wall next to it is Chinese.

    Yin Yang photo YinYang_zps4d144f60.jpg

  8. nchristine

    We need to have a chat with whoever it was that turned winter back on full blast…….  I’m tired – my brain is thinking about revolting… it’ll all sink in eventually.

  9. trs

    Not really awake yet, but managed to fix a sticking doorknob before my first cup of coffee.

    Trip was uneventful for the most part, but my body definitely was not ready for a central Illinois “spring.” Cold and windy the whole time there. On the good side, I did manage to make time to visit with some friends while helping my sister with memorial service arrangements, keeping myself from decking one of my brother-in-law’s children from his first marriage, things like that. Probably won’t be able to do much more than a pass through visit this summer, so I was taking advantage of what I could.

  10. bill d

    everything is fine here but I reserve the right to complain later.

    Hope everyone has the Thursday they want to have.

  11. slksfca

    Up at 5:00AM but I went to bed early so it’s all good.

    San Francisco weather:


    Current: Cloudy

    Wind: W at 16 mph

    Humidity: 74%

    High today about 60°F or so.

    Today I have a long afternoon at the ortho clinic, where I hope to find out that I’m doing as well as I believe I am. Another good sign is that I’m down to my last three oxycontins, have only been taking one a day, and am not craving them. This is a BHD™ for me: less pain, little or no apparent addiction (percocet may be more difficult, but I’ll cross that bridge in a few weeks).

  12. pittiepat

    up to 34.  New kitty is beginning to settle in and once the hole in the wall issue was resolved we had a relatively quiet evening.  Silly cat has a squishy soft bed but she choses to sleep under the sofa.  All part of her settling in, but boy is she going to be annoyed in about an hour which she’s stuffed back into the carrier and taken to the vet.  The Central Missouri HS requires all adopters take their critters to a vet within 5 business day.  The check-up is free and the vet I used when I first moved to Missouri is on the list of providers.

  13. And farewell to Thursdays with dear occupant and cassandracarolina. We’ll miss you!

    As nchristine said, it’s cold here. But the sky is the amazing pale blue of sunrise with a completely clear sky. Wind settled down to almost nothing.

    We’ve been “treated” to sightings of several deer moving back and forth through our yard. There are plenty around already and they reproduce like vermin… But they are pretty, so I have mixed feelings about it.

    Working on the quilt binding today. I got more than halfway around yesterday. Several other projects lined up, as well, if I get bored with that one.

    Have a lovely day!  

  14. Portlaw

    find time today to get my passport photo taken, I hate photos of me. Always feel that I am looking at a stranger. Just realized that my passport is on the verge of expiring and I felt panic. What if someone calls to invite me to Goa or Gozo, Rangoon or Riga, Sochi or Singapore? And I can’t go? Alas,  that won’t happen but daydreaming is a way to get through the day. Have to remember that Thoreau (?) said he had traveled  widely in Concord. Hope you all have a great day and great offers!

  15. blue jersey mom

    My spring break week is going by way too fast. I hope it warms up a bit by the weekend so that I can do some clean up in the garden. Have a wonderful day. I need a second cup of coffee to function.

  16. anotherdemocrat

    and real shoes. All too soon, it’ll be 80 at 7 am & the thought of enclosed shoes will be totally foreign.

    I bought an Easter dress on line yesterday:… I figured, I only have this weekend to look & my energy is still really low, I need to just get something mailed to me. And I love the colors.

    Am getting a little panicked when I realize the AIDS Ride is a month away & I’ve done no training at all & my fundraising is beyond pathetic. And I have not recruited a team. Sigh. I know no one expects this to be a super-good year for me, but I still bad.

    Well happy Friday Eve anyway. Smooches to all.

  17. bfitzinAR

    than projected, thank C.C. – overcast and yukky, with rain and/or wintry mix expected.  Figures.  I’ve got Quorum Court tonight so the weather just fits my mood.  (Fair warning to all the wonderful people who supported/support me in this – if the Court doesn’t change its ways by 2014, I’m not running again.  There’s only so much being ignored when I bring up issues and being on the wrong end of a 5-10 vote that I can take.)  Still, it’s Spring!  My next-to-youngest grandson turned 4 yesterday and my youngest sisters turn 54 today.  The flowering trees are budding and some have flowered.  And tomorrow the University is closed (good – I have the day off; bad – I’m only online at work).  Hope I can get back and check on the meese (?) over the course of the day.  {{{HUGS}}} to everybody – I’m so glad Kelley told me where you were!  

  18. LeftOverFlowerChild

    resized tolar sunrise photo 90a36ed7-bacd-4ecc-8a44-cb97d3e9e225_zpsf32b8317.jpg

    Happiness is feeling like my old self again. No unusual aches or pains, morning quiet time with a nice cup of Earl Grey tea watching the sun come up. Simply bliss.

    The weather is going to be warmish but clouds are beginning to roll in, not bad. I hope the moosekeeters in the cold weather are reacquainted with spring very soon.

    Playing a little catch up today and getting back on track. The theme for today is: keep it simple.

    cassandracarolina and dear occupant, I am sorry to see you go, both of you have done an amazing job of hosting Thursday morning Moose gatherings. Thank you!

  19. cassandracarolina

    An Iranian scientist posted this in one of my LinkedIn groups:

    Nowruz is an ancestral festivity marking the first day of spring and the renewal of nature. It promotes values of peace and solidarity between generations and within families as well as reconciliation and neighbourliness, thus contributing to cultural diversity and friendship among peoples and different communities

    Why can’t we get holidays like this??  

  20. wordsinthewind

    slow getting up, even slower getting going. It’s warm and heading for hot today but we have a cold front coming saturday evening that may bring freezing temps. We’re in for a slow wind up to windy before the storm arrives, today should be breezy as a preview for the two day blow coming in ahead of the cold front. I’m so glad I got outside yesterday when it was nice and have a bucket of dandelions to show for it, got all of those before they flowered too which is even more satisfying. Thank you dearoccumpant and cassadracarolina for hosting the morning get togethers. We’ll miss you and look forward to seeing you here as often as you can.

  21. slksfca

    Blue skies and mild temperature, especially for this early in the day.

    Enjoyed my little excursion very much, and felt like I barely needed the crutches at all. Of course I know that I’ll need them for awhile longer as a safety precaution, but it feels so good to be getting around so well, and without pain! 🙂

  22. princesspat

    But I do enjoying sharing the start of everyone’s day. Special thanks to dear occupant and CC for the Thursday morning fun.

    It’s 31° in Bellingham today, and will be raining soon. I plan to replace the primroses the squirrels dug up and the deer ate regardless. I need that little bit of spring in my garden!

  23. ChurchofBruce

    At least I’m feeling a little better today. I’m missing a midterm but I emailed the prof and she’s cool–I can make it up.

    Ah well. Back to bed and watching basketball 🙂

  24. anotherdemocrat

    if not of all time:

    Kirsten Vangsness ‏@Vangsness 4/6 I will be on @TeamTrueBeauty panel in L.A. where we will talk about how each of us are gorgeous & we forget. Yes, I am talking to you.

  25. slksfca

    I just stepped out of a blissful, steaming-hot shower. My first one since surgery, and I had zero trouble stepping into or out of the tub (with a little help from a step-stool). Boy those sponge baths were getting tiresome, and boy am I happy (and CLEAN!).

    Now I’m just cooling off a bit before I get completely dressed and head to the doctor. 🙂

  26. slksfca

    Everything looks good and I can ditch the crutches as soon as the physical therapist says so. So that’s a relief.

    Had x-rays taken, they will call me if anything looks wrong. Otherwise I go back in four weeks for follow-up.

    X-ray tech was in la-la land; she asked me questions then obviously wasn’t listening to my replies. She got the wrong hip at first, then thought I was having surgery NEXT February. Finally got finished and was out in lobby waiting for cab when she came running out all breathless chasing me. She forgot to get one particular x-ray taken. So I had to cancel the cab, go back upstairs, get undressed again and have the x-ray taken. I don’t think she was having a very good day. Hung over, maybe. ;-p

  27. nchristine

    Some things are starting to make sense…. Did my first tech spec today and was oked by the bosses.  So, moving in the right direction.

  28. anotherdemocrat

    at the orange place at 7. I’ll copy, find the music at youtube & paste the right format in, and publish here between 7 & 7:30, will also cross-post at Burnt Orange Report (the best Texas politics blog)

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