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My Irish Themed Art

I do all my art on the computer now due to arthritis in my hands. My main programs are DAZ 4.5 for figures, Bryce 7.1 for putting it all together, Photoshop for small touchups, and Turbosquid for a lot of my 3D models. I have always liked doing themed pictures and as it got more and more difficult to try and come up with gifts for a Mom who had everything she needed I started doing Irish pictures for her. Every year I’d do a special St. Patrick’s Day themed picture. After we lost Mom our Hospital Chaplain asked me to do a tribute picture for Mom. She was so proud of her Irish heritage that the picture was set in Ireland. Here are some of the pictures I have done and some thoughts on them.


Pat photo Pat-1_zps2ec4b9d1.jpg

My Mom’s nickname was Pat and that is what I named this picture. She was a staunch Irish Catholic and said it was her faith that got her through Dad’s death. Mom grew up on a farm and never lost that farm girl outlook on life. She loved roses, her black cat Pixie, her dog Ruffles, and the squirrels and all animals.

By the Risin’ of the Moon

By the Risin' of the Moon photo BytheRisinoftheMoon3_zpsa8a8fa30.jpg

It is a tribute to the strong loves that the Irish have always had for the native soil.

Irish Sunset

Irish Sunset photo IrishSunset2-1_zpsf9736b9e.jpg

I will do pictures by request. I am an absolute sucker when it comes to my niece, whom I helped to raise and refer to as my daughter, and her three children who get referred to as my grandchildren. When Tristen wanted an Irish picture for his birthday that also had a dragon in it well I couldn’t turn him down now could I?

Irish Princess

Irish Princess photo IrishPrincess2_zps73aa36a7.jpg

This was another request this time it was from my Mom. She wanted a picture of an Irish Princess.

Song for Ireland

Song for Ireland photo SongforIreland-3_zpsedf1c934.jpg

I love Irish music. It is called “Song for Ireland” and was named after a song on one of my albums.

Irish Mist

Irish Mist photo IrishMist3_zps8adc2581.jpg

With this picture I wanted to show that modern Ireland is still connected to its past. There will always be a reverence for what has gone before. Ireland has a rich history.

Through the Mists of Time

Through the Mists of Time photo ThroughtheMists-2_zpse32d5096.jpg

This is another picture that shows the past is still alive in Irish music and stories.

Irish Moon

Irish Moon photo IrishMoon2_zps23b014aa.jpg

My art computer had just died and as a new one was being built I went back to my old workhorse computer. The old fellow still had what it takes to give me the artwork I wanted.

Irish Sea

Irish Sea photo IrishSea2_zpsd8707d19.jpg

I obviously love the sea. The sea is an important part of Irish life. In this picture I wanted to show not only the sea but also the importance of music in the lives of the Irish.

Walking By the Irish Sea

Walking by the Irish Sea photo WalkingbytheIrishSea2_zps29140089.jpg

I love the dress pattern and I’ve used it before in my Irish themed pictures.

Irish Hills

Irish Hills photo IrishHills_zpsb44d7c41.jpg

I couldn’t pass up the Emerald green dress. I am aware that the Irish aren’t all redheads but being a redhead myself I am partial to the hair color. So for all of you no matter what color your hair have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day.


  1. What a lovely place and people. We will go back. My parents both have ancestors from there. I stood on the land of my great grandfather’s family. It felt familiar.

  2. fogiv

    While goin’ the road to sweet Athy, hurroo, hurroo

    While goin’ the road to sweet Athy, hurroo, hurroo

    While goin’ the road to sweet Athy

    A stick in me hand and a tear in me eye

    A doleful damsel I heard cry,

    Johnny I hardly knew ye.

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