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Another week already gone!  Many of us got snow, at least one of us got a job, all of us are working hard.  The sequester silliness continues with no end in sight and there was an actual talking filibuster!  I am no Paul fan and it was only a way to get some facetime on TV but I appreciate the effort of actually doing a real live filibuster and I agree with him on this particular issue.  Maybe the only thing I agree with him on but it is important to look for common ground.  

I have had a crummy week personally.  My patience is running short and unfortunately that means I snap at my kids more than I should.  They are lovely children but most of you know how trying a two year old can be – trapped in the house in March after two really cold months.  Even with the snow – he won’t leave his mittens on so we can’t really spend much time outside.  My poor daughter ends up out there by herself with me and my son watching from the window.  I have always been a winter lover but this year I just want to go to the park and let them run around for hours.  Then bring them home and watch them sleep.  It is coming though, the birds sounded different the past two days.  Spring is almost here…

Alright, enough of me.  Lets hear it!  On what are you ruminating this week?


  1. Thinking most of my quilt projects, our neighbors coming over Saturday evening, Son and the FFDIL coming to town for the week. Thinking about our daughters and challenges they are facing. Thinking less about other stuff, unpleasantness and meanness.

    Right now I think I should make my artichoke-spinach dip for tomorrow evening. It’s one of those things that tastes better on the next day.  

  2. fogiv

    …and today isn’t looking up.  house republicans just stole 3 months worth of food from my family. or a month of food and the new tires i was going to buy for my wife’s car (that are pretty desperately needed).  my performance award, which woulda hit my account this coming tuesday got cancelled.  sequestration.

    this after my travel budget got decimated as i prepare to go represent my agency at a conference.  no perdiem, no gas, no lodging, no compensation.  now, because i’m already committed, i have to pay for it all myself, and of course i can’t remotely afford it. or back out.  and after a BUNCH of work preparing.

    still waiting to see what happens with furloughs.  yay.

    i’m exhausted. i’ve got a least 25+ pages of researched material i have to write every week, plus reading and studying for classes, and my regular full-time work load (which is crazy busy right now). i’m lucky if i get 5 hours of sleep a night, and it’s been one cold/flu bug after another at my house for the last 4 months. and now, over the last few days, i’m getting hives all the time.  stress, i guess. thanks, gop. thanks a damn lot.

    as for rand paul: he’s a moron.

    his ‘question’ had already been answered.  while i appreciate a talking filibuster, they should be about something besides grandstandig because jeb bush has more ‘potus prospect’ pieces than you do in the cycle.  doubtless, there needs to be a discussion on the role of drones goinging forward, including transparancy on their use (or limiting thereof) with respect to both foreign and domestic affairs (military uses, surveillance, what have you), BUT rand paul isn’t someone who should be listend to much at all on this topic (or any other).

    like i said, he’s a moron.

    spring springal ready. hope things warm up where you are soon, so you can get outside.


  3. slksfca

    …because I went to get my prescriptions this afternoon and the oxycontin cost me $95. I guess it’s a purely recreational drug now, thanks to Limbaugh.

    Fortunately the pharmacy is across the street from my bank, and I had enough in the account to pay for the pills. Time was, not so long ago, that I’d have just had to do without, and that is what makes me so mad: the many other people who aren’t as lucky as I am. I can (and do) live well within my monthly budget, which is why I had $95 in the bank. Many people don’t have even as small a cushion as that.

    Otherwise I’m in a fairly good mood, learning to get around with crutches pretty nicely and not exactly enjoying it, but stimulated by the challenge. And that itself is a sort of victory!

  4. LeftOverFlowerChild

    I am thankful for my family and friends–especially a friend up in Colorado who puts up with my social paranoia as I adjust to being more homebound than I ever wanted be. I’m thankful for Moose forgiveness as I have made a couple humdinger faux pas this week…Looking forward to my kiddos being home this weekend.

    I’m trying hard to keep my fingers busy with all kinds of projects..Bobbin lace…Bobbin lace and spinning, mostly spinning. I need fiber therapy this weekend, a very large dose of fiber therapy.

    The filibuster show did well to bring attention to why we need real filibusters. Things do move quickly when there’s a big spot light on a bad deal.

    The Texas lege had an epiphany! Taking money out of women’s health care and making birth control harder to get will result in–more babies! And those babies will cost over 200 million in the next two years to take care of! So that 73 million they took out of women’s health care? Oh yeah it’s going to take 100 million to get that mess fixed. Gotta love Texas Republican arithmetic. Hello bounced reality check.

    Monday my husband and his co-workers have a meeting with union reps, the company boss and the FFA on site rep. It’s all about the sequester and what to expect. That email came in this afternoon and all I could do was cry. I was so sure TBTB would figure out we’re talking about real lives and real world consequences as this madness goes on. Course they didn’t get in 1993, so here we are 20 years later for repeat lesson.  

  5. jlms qkw

    long week here in slc too

    weather is slowly warming, snow melting.  today got colder and colder though, and it’s raining.  

    more later.  best to all!  

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