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Week two of Weekly Ruminations is here!  I hope everyone had a good week and has lots of good stuff to report (I would also like to hear the bad stuff too).

This week was a smooth one in our house.  The showings continue and we had our first (really bad) offer so we sent them packing.  My only problem this week concerns my growing daughter.  And it isn’t her that has the problem it is me.  She has reached the age (5) and intellectual level where I am having trouble figuring out how much to tell her about stuff.  My default reaction is to just lay it all out – don’t pull punches and give her the facts when she asks questions.  When her grandmother (my husbands mom) passed away just after Thanksgiving, I did not mince words when discussing death with her.  She went to an open casket wake.  On the way home I asked her if she had any questions.  She just asked “What was that for?”.

I explained the best I could and she seemed satisfied.  The point of this is just to ask how far do you all think one should go when explaining complicated and confusing issues with kids.  Again, my gut tells me just to be honest and open but I worry that because she is a worrier that I will lay too much on her.  She is a sensitive and intuitive child and I don’t want her to feel too much of the pain that can exist too soon.

Alright.  Thats my issue this week.  What are you guys ruminating on these days?


  1. ILS 27L

    The packing folks just left and the moving people will be here tomorrow.

    I’m a very private person and I prefer to be alone, so its a major stressor when people are here, and even worse when they’re emptying all of my closets and drawers.

    Man I’m weird

    The weather here in Dallas is nice at 58 degrees, rain in the forecast for the weekend but if the weather folks are right it’ll start after Im done moving.

    Hope the folks in the blizzard make out ok!


  2. jlms qkw

    i try to tell them bits of the info they ask about . . . until they are ready.  

    and i try to use facts, and “i feel” kind of statements.  

  3. BlueStateRedhead

    With reasonable anti-hype resources for my weather data, including our own Weather dude, I pretty much know the worse that I might expect, and given our situation, it should not be too bad–we are pretty urban and close enough to main arteries so we will be well dug out immediately.

    All important family members are in other cities and beyond my reach

    There should be time to ruminate.

    And yet, the sense of impendingnesss and of collective responsibility for neighbors keeps me returning to the preparedness file to check if anything has been overlooked.

    Meanwhile, my worries are with the thousands of unknowns who were just let out of work at 3:00 and face public transport shutting down at 3:30 and roads closing at 4:00–although this was just announced. Does that counts as a rumination?

  4. iriti

    about my recent psych evaluation and diagnosis. Just posted a diary about the whole experience so I won’t go into it here, but I’m ready to move on with life.

  5. wordsinthewind

    we have another window put in and we’ve gone to town to pick up the new dishwasher. My Valentines project is coming along nicely, should be able to finish them up this weekend. Life would be too good except the winds have already picked up this year. When the weather guy talks about windy out here that means sustained winds over 30 mph and they’re on for tomorrow again. I’m not from here so I get tired of it before everyone else does.

  6. slksfca

    …from near-constant ruminations on upcoming surgery, I went with a friend today to see a wonderful museum exhibition. Got home very tired and sore, but for a few hours I was transported into another world, one of exquisite objects made in the 17th and 18th centuries. My body is worn out, but my spirit is rejuvenated by the sight of so much beauty.

    Here’s a link to a review of the show, with a slideshow (that doesn’t do half justice to the glorious objects depicted).

    As for the surgery, it’s to be a brand-new hip. Just two-and-a-half weeks until I go in to be all fixed up. 🙂

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