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Well, here it is.  The first installment of what I hope to be a successful run of diaries where we can come together and chat.  Thanks to those who voted in the poll for the name.  It a really ended as a tie so I broke it by picking this one.   Of course it was a tie…

In thinking about titles I searched the word rumination on the intertubes and found that in psychological parlance a “ruminator” is someone who can’t let go of ones problems.  I hope that is not the case for us or if it is that the support found here may be of some comfort.

And don’t forget to talk about the good things in our lives.  I am just as eager to celebrate the small successes as to mull over the problems.  

So, by all means, lets get started….



  1. Jk2003

    The exploding sump pump pipe is all fixed so now I am just looking forward to my husbands first two day weekend since Christmas and a superbowl party with wonderful friends.  And we only have to take veggies and dip – easy peasy!  

    Oh. My neighbor is getting a puppy and we don’t have a fence and they are not the most responsible people I have ever met so that is a bit of an issue.  Cute puppy but training is going to be an issue.  Hurry up and sell house!!!

  2. slksfca

    I have at least one very large one, but fixing it is pretty much out of my hands at this point, so I wait and hope.

    Small problem of the day: what to go get for lunch. A delicious veggie super burrito, or a succulent patty melt with fries? Both sound tempting, but I’m leaning toward the patty melt. Haven’t had meat in days – plus, the diner is a more comfy place to sit and eat than is the burrito joint.

    Other small problem: getting AFK long enough to take out the garbage and recyclables. There’s a growing stack of bags on the back porch that need schlepping downstairs.

    What’s good: I’m liking this place more and more as the days go by. If it gets much better I’ll be in a Purple Haze. 😉

  3. fogiv

    …and a 5 lb bag.  full time work at the DOI/USBR, full-time student, full-time dad.

    i need more hours in a day.  will start petition.

  4. blue jersey mom

    We are back in our bedroom. It has a new roof and new ceiling. It has been repainted, and the floors have been refinished. My insurance company came through. (Back story–a tree fell on my house on December 21st. It was probably weakened during Sandy, and all it needed was another good windstorm and BOOM.)

  5. slksfca

    One of my other small problems is fixed. The “Menu” menu is once again up top on the far right column. Thanks to whatever technoid restored my Motley universe to its proper order. :-)

  6. jlms qkw

    for the first time in a month 😉

    we are doing enforced relaxation and goofing around 😉  

    they have a counseling appointment tomorrow afternoon, yay!  

  7. kishik

    it’s winter.  I should expect cold.  But I wanna plan a garden and get out there and dig or something!!

    Of course the current state of my knees would prevent me from doing much out in the garden….

    sigh.  Back to the seed catelogs.

  8. Is it okay if I read the comments without Fiercing? If I have to click anymore, my hand will fall off.

    Now it is 5:30pm Real People’s Time (pfffftt to slksfca!!) … time to ruminate on supper.

  9. Avilyn

    I was about to leave work but just saw this comment from commonmass over at GOS:

    I’m on my way to the hospital. (49+ / 0-)

    They just extubated him. He wants to see me. NOW. Yay!

    It made me want to do a happy dance, so I thought I’d share it here with you all!

    Have a fantastic weekend, everyone.  I’ll try to check in at some point.

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