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Up: By Choice or Chance

Do you ever find yourself in awe of where you travel to, without physically moving, when you wander off to various paths in search of a question on the intertubz?

In trying to come up with some brilliant, original, mind blowing, spectacle of an overnight type diary I started pondering whether moose are nocturnal creatures.

An hour later I had learned a LOT about the animal and how much effort has been put into learning about them, too. Let’s not talk about what I should have been doing with that hour, I’ll just say I’m glad the friend I was almost an hour late to pick up for a dinner event we were going to doesn’t read MM…….  

I learned that they walk upwind before picking a place to sleep, standing up, to deter their predators. Traveling the Al-Can four years agao I saw a lot of moose, way too up close and personal, so it surprises the hell out of me that they have any predators.

In all my googlmandering(meandering aimlessly around the internet while googling..insert the TM sign there since I just invented that!) I never did come up with a definitive answer about the nocturnal question, but I did find an answer I liked:

“What are moose sleeping habits?”

Best answer was: “Generally not long, they keep moving to stay away from Sarah Palin.”

Hopefully it’s late enough when I finally post this that a few of you get a chuckle.

This has been a busy weekend so tonight’s posting isn’t anything like I’d hoped it might be, a work in progress as they say.

A few breaking stories from the last few hours:

Kathleen Wynne to become Ontario’s first female and openly gay premier

Kathleen Wynne has won her battle for Ontario, becoming the province’s first female premier and the new leader of the Liberal Party.

Wynne grinned and cheered as she heard the results, which were read out at about 8:30 p.m. Saturday on the floor of the Ontario Liberal Leadership Convention.

The Don Valley West MPP beat runner-up Sandra Pupatello by winning more than 50 per cent of the vote.

United Nations to investigate Israeli drone strikes

The United Nations launched an inquiry on Thursday into the use of unmanned drones in counter-terrorism operations in the Palestinian territories among other places, after criticism of the number of innocent civilians killed by the aircraft.

The inquiry, announced in London, will investigate 25 drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan and the Palestinian territories.

Missile launcher turned in at Seattle gun buyback

A nonfunctional missile launcher was among the weapons that showed up Saturday at a gun buyback event in Seattle.  

The military weapon was a single-use device that had already been used, reported  Police say a man who was at the event bought the surface-to-air missile launcher for $100. It was confiscated by police, and they replaced the weapon with a gift card.  

The gun buyback in a parking lot in downtown Seattle was scheduled to go from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., but ended early because of the large crowd. Police say that after two hours, more than 160 guns had been turned in and $35,000 in gift cards had been distributed. Other buybacks are planned for later this year.

All stranded hikers make it out of Bear Canyon safely

Rescuers assisted at least 50 hikers in Bear Canyon after they were stranded Saturday night because of floodwaters.

All missing hikers were safe and accounted for around 8:30 p.m., Pima County Sheriff Tom Peine said, ending a six-hour ordeal. The first call to 9-1-1 came at 2:18 p.m. Saturday.

An Arizona Department of Public Safety helicopter carried six hikers out of the popular destination east of Tucson.

Some were located by sheriff’s deputies, and others walked out by themselves.

Nude woman hits nude fiance with car, CHP says

Authorities are investigating after a woman in San Bernardino County allegedly struck her fiance with a car. The California Highway Patrol said both were naked at the time of the Thursday incident.

CHP officials told KTLA News that the couple were in the parked car on Phelan Road in Phelan when Alberto Giovanni Bravo got out and walked in front of the vehicle. For reasons that are not clear, the woman, identified as 22-year-old Hesperia woman, got behind the wheel and ran into him.

Bravo was thrown onto the hood of the car and then tossed to the ground as the vehicle preceded to cross the road and run into a chain-link fence and some trees before coming to a stop.


  1. iriti

    Just on prednisone for poison ivy, which has the joint pleasure of giving me a pounding headache and then inflicting insomnia so I have more hours to enjoy it. Ah, well. This too shall pass, and soon.

    No news in this part of the woods that could even come close to matching the above. We are a boring lot here in the Shenandoah Valley.

    I could have used an air horn for wake up when I was in college. My freshman year I stayed in a friend’s dorm room overnight a weekend night not long after school started, forgetting that I had left my alarm clock set on daily repeat. The alarm, hand-picked for this feature, went off with a blare that could be heard the length of my wing BWAAAP-BWAAAP-BWAAAP. No-one could figure out where it was coming from and some of the girls evacuated.

    If you think I ever lived that down, you sadly underestimate the memory of enraged freshman awoken at 6 AM on a Saturday morning and dragged out into the pouring rain.

    Good times.

  2. Kysen

    after having tried sleep an hour or so ago. I’ve been playing a very low-tech video game that is akin to the Intellivision Snafu game (for those old enough to remember that). Rather mindless and hypnotic.

    If still up in an hour I will take in a run…hopefully, though, I will be traveling in the land of Nod.

  3. lulu57

    because I am watching the Australian Open live. I don’t normally get up this early.

    That’s my story, anyway 😉

    Go, Andy!

  4. Moozmuse

    Caveat: I’m about as far from a numbers/econ person as you can get, so no clue about how it all works. As a Eurozone resident, I’m just glad that my currency no longer seems to be in imminent danger of collapsing.

    European banks are planning to pay back cheap loans provided by the European Central Bank ahead of schedule, at the end of January. The move suggests that Europe’s financial sector is slowly recovering.

    Tech question:

    I wanted to quote a little more, but the preview would not allow it, or not show it. Any reason or trick required for that?

  5. Is “Up” the title you settled on? Or are you still morphing?

    Moose sleep standing up? That is Something I Did Not Know.

    I fear that googlmandering™LauraFall may not make the cut as a new word because the “mandering” part of it triggered my PTSD. Too close to gerrymandering which gave us, once again, Speaker John Boehner.  

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