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I Need YOUR Help Today, To Save A Life

Dear Friends,

    My friend, Craig Dunbar, needs a kidney. His fistula, which is the port through whoch he receives his dialysis, is failing. Without a new kidney he will die. He lives here in Ottawa. He is a firefighter who has saved lives. Now he needs US to save his life. I will be writing other diaries about his fight, but today, I need YOUR help.

    We are doing a Twitter trending campaign. If you have Twitter, please, please, please, at 5pm Eastern, Tweet the link to his facebook page…

which has more information about his fight using the hashtag : #kidney4craig

    Also, Don Cherry, those of you in Canada will know that name, has a son who has received a kidney transplant. We are trying to get him to mention Craig’s fight on tonight’s Coach’s Corner. Please tweet the link to Craig’s facebook page to: @coachscornerCBC

    Getting Craig’s mentioned on CBC on Coach’s Corner would bring his fight to the attention of millions of Canadians.

    Please, if you have the ability to donate, get tested. I will have much more information in the next diary I do on Craig and his fight.

    Many of you know that my husband, Dan, died while on dialysis, so this fight is very personal for me. I couldn’t save Dan’s life, but together we CAN save Craig’s. Please help, in any way you can.

    Bless you and thank you

    Love and Hugs,



  1. Chacounne

    for Dan, who lost his fight, and for everyone who does something to get the word out.



  2. Donna was beside herself when the hockey season started and she found out we get CBC and Coach’s Corner on satellite down here (sh’es a Leafs fan, so you know she is an optimist :~). Will tweet for you and hope we see Grapes put the word out.

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